Employee Based Healthcare: An Obsolete Entitlement

Advocacy for universal healthcare in America has stirred up the debate over the government’s role in society. Should the government require that all Americans are medically insured? If so, those who cannot afford it will get their insurance paid by the government. It won’t take long for the collective chorus to start chanting, “Entitlement!”...more

#274 Present, Day 8 of 31

 I don't believe much about Astrology....more

Is the Relationship with Your Doctor What You Want it To Be?

In a recent survey about better doctor/patient communication, 80% of respondents  said they wanted better communication with their doctors “in sickness AND in health”.  Over half of the respondents also believe that even a simple message from their doctor could have avoided a health problem.I know that I am right there with this group....more

5 Insights On Communicating With Caregivers

The Elizabeth Hospice...more

Fear-Based Healthcare: Fear Overrides Common Sense in Health Care Decisions

I have no health insurance. I lost my insurance shortly after I lost my job as a graphic artist in Manhattan in May 2009. Since that time I have broken two toes, broken my nose, contracted a mild case of psittacosis while treating the baby cockatiel I bought who had the disease from the pet store, and suffered a mild stroke.These are the sorts of events that drive us to buy health insurance and part of the reason why our healthcare system has ceased to practice common - or economic sense....more

The Doctor-Patient Relationship: Part Three

Awhile back I wrote an article about how medicine is a spiritual practice, and in response, I received an email from a surgery resident at Columbia University that left me in tears and inspired me to share it....more

My Body, My Choice

I have to get busy being political.  It is in my nature. I was hauled out of Senate Hearings for calling Rumsfeld a liar from the back of the room.  What I did yesterday was not in the same adrenaline category as the inability to contain myself in D.C. in 2006... but all little things we do have impact far beyond what we understand, so I keep plugging away when the spirit moves me....more

Setting Priorities