Nurses Week: Searching For The Positives...

Just to be clear, I don’t usually write about my profession so much, simply because I feel the heat! The truth is, I don’t often come up with anything positive to say about that part of my world as it pertains to Nursing! I know the wrath of the Gods will befall me, huh?...more

A thankless job in the sense of validation and yet, it's rewarding when you know that as a ...more

Immunization Schedules Meet the Web - A Great Marriage of Health and Technology

Do you have children going to school in the fall and the schools have requested vaccination records?  I hear you sigh, if yes, and wondering where all those darn yellow cards are filed. If your filing is like mine, hopefully not, it may take you hours to find all the information for the school.  It may even take days if you have moved and switched physicians as often as I.  ...more

Endometriosis Affects Quality of Life

Two weeks ago, I had two surgical procedures: a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy. I haven't had my post-op appointment with my doctor yet. That's on Friday. However, I do know some details about what she found while she was peering at my insides.  I know she found endometriosis.  ...more

Hi there. So sorry you are going through this. I myself had my surgery in December only after ...more

The Ethics of Concierge Medicine

For those of you too young to remember, Marcus Welby, M.D. was a TV show that began its seven-year run in 1969 and starred Robert Young as a family practitioner with a kind heart and superb bedside manner. The doctor epitomized the type of doctor that is now a thing of the past: The patient, unhurried professional who sat and talked to patients for as long as was necessary, not only to understand the patient's symptoms and complaints, but to understand the whole patient. The type of doctor who would come to you if you were too sick to go to the doctor. The type who could practically heal you with just a touch. For many of us, this type of doctor wasn't a privilege -- it was a right. This is the type of doctor we wish we had today. ...more
Thank you for sharing this article.  My own PCP is moving to this model.more

(INTERVIEW) Carolyn Thomas: Are Women Left Behind in Heart Disease Research?

Did you know that more women die from heart disease than men in our country? It's true. I contacted Carolyn Thomas of Heart Sistersto ask her if I could get her thoughts on this latest report for BlogHer, and she was kind enough to agree. Carolyn writes about women and heart disease from a very unique perspective: She is a Mayo Clinic-trained heart attack survivor. ...more
Carolyn, great interview!  There is a gender gap in research funding for research on women and ...more

Rules of engagement

What makes a person care about another person? To become engaged with them? What a loaded verb the word engage is? To enter into conflct or battle; to offer; to bind; to deal with especially at length; to pledge oneself; to give attention to something; to come together and interlock; to attract or hold by influence or power;  to begin and carry on an enterprise or activity. There are a lot of emotions in that verb; negative and positive. There is a large amount of energy in that word. ENGAGE. Why do I talk about the word engage?...more

And One Not About Depression

I'm not writing about depression today because it's too depressing. Instead, I'm going to bitch about health care... not that that isn't depressing....more

Cancer: How Much Does Your Health Insurer Think Your Life Is Worth?

The cost of cancer treatments are skyrocketing, and more and more insurance companies are choosing to pay less and less for life-saving treatments. Did you know that 20% of people with insurance still can't afford their cancer treatments? And that's not counting the millions who have no health insurance at all. Basically, if you're rich or you have exceptional medical insurance, this isn't something you need to worry about. But for the rest of us, it's a real concern....more

Yes, they are a for-profit industry...But when does the profit part turn into white collar ...more

When Money Collides with Cancer Treatments: How the Economy is Affecting Health Care Decisions

There is never a good time to find out you have cancer, but now may prove to be the worst time.  With the economy and health care crisis making day to day life more costly for many Americans, a cancer diagnosis can be financially devastating.  At the exact time a cancer patient needs to find the strength to fight for their life, they now need to worry just as much about whether or not they can afford treatment.  There's just something fundamentally wrong with that. ...more

This was a great article. I was wondering what you thought about turning down elderly patients ...more

How Does Health Reform Affect You Now? (Part 1 of 3)

We all believe in the virtues of hard work and self-reliance, but these days it’s a fantasy to think that anyone but the mega-wealthy will not, sooner or later, depend on help from others to pay medical bills. And that’s true no matter how hard you work, how much you love America, or how diligently you take care of yourself. The cost of medical care has so skyrocketed that breaking an arm or leg could cost as much as a new car. ...more

This is so incredibly true: "And the truth is, we all pay for other peoples’ health care whether ...more