BlogHer '13 Photos Are LIVE -- and Lookin' Good!

I am pleased to tell you that our Official Photos from BlogHer '13 are IN HOUSE. We are excited to share them with you today. I love me a good picture, and our photographers -- Danielle Tsi, Nader Khouri and Ricky Kluge -- delivered some good pictures. You all are some good lookin' people! It's a treat for the eye, a way to relive all the fun of the conference again. Or, most of it anyway....more
Hello there, Jenna! What a fun, exceptionally inviting post. The photos are just BlogHer-icious. ...more

The Importance of Self-Care with Speakers from Healthminder Day

Like we have in the past for our conferences, we're bringing you some speaker interviews for our upcoming BlogHer events in Chicago this July. First up, we're asking some select speakers from the Self-Care and Social Health tracks at Healthminder Day this important question:...more
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Registration Is Open for Pathfinder, HealthMinder, and Viewfinder Day

The BlogHer annual conference may be a two day conference, but it's really a three day experience. We began building up the Thursday program two years ago, to provide more intensive subject matter focus in smaller groups, for attendees wanting to ease into the main conference events on Friday and Saturday.In 2011, we introduced Pathfinder Day and it was so warmly received by conference attendees that that in 2012, we added HealthMinder Day to the Thursday schedule. This year, we're pleased to dedicate a day of programming to yet another key focus for bloggers, and today we're opening registration for what is now three pre-conference programming days at BlogHer ’13:...more

HealthMinder and Pathfinder Day in Tweets!

If you didn't get to attend our pre-conference events yesterday, HealthMinder Day or Pathfinder Day, you missed out on a day of great learning, fun, encouragement and inspiration. With two sets of programming running simultaneously, it would create a huge (but informative and awesome) post. Instead, I grabbed ten (well, eleven -- just because!) tweets that give you a general overview of how awesome the day was for our attendees....more

Twitter Buzz for BlogHer '12: What You're Tweeting!

With BlogHer '12, HealthMinder Day and Pathfinder Day right around the corner, we've been following along on twitter as you discuss your excitement, fear and interact with our sponsors, each other and us. I really encourage you to follow along with the #blogher12 hashtag on twitter to meet people ahead of time, say hi to your favorite brands and get into the conference vibe. It's informative... and fun! I love the conference advice and help that's being handed out on twitter right now, so I thought I'd share some trends we're seeing and add in some links where they might help some other people who aren't hashtag watchers....more

HealthMinder Day Interviews: Why This Is a Great Pre-Conference Addition!

As of today, HealthMinder Day is one week and six days away. Don't panic! I thought since HealthMinder Day is new to our pre-conference agenda, it would help all of us -- those already attending and those who can't decide -- to ask some of the committee members a question. Maybe it will help calm the nerves of those who don't know what to expect. Maybe it will make you click and register at the last minute. Either way, I asked the committee behind it all this question:Why do you think HealthMinder Day is an important addition to the pre-conference agenda?...more
I'm doing HealthMinder day because I am a healthcare provider, and health has been the focus of ...more

HealthMinder Day Interviews: How Do You Handle Flack?

This week, I thought I would ask our HealthMinder Day speakers a question that I've always wondered about those who write in the nutrition, exercise and fitness genres. I have avoided putting myself out there with new fitness or weight loss goals on my own blogs because I don't want people to poke at me if I should happen to fail (which I'm really good at when it comes to this topic). So I asked a few of our speakers this question: Have you ever taken flack for health or fitness decisions (example, eating a second piece of cake or taking time off from exercising) when people find out your blogging niche? How do you deal with their comments? ...more
i've been in social situations when someone's jaw has literally dropped when i've grabbed a ...more

BlogHer '12 Pre-Conference Events Bling

Whether you're planning on attending the 2nd annual Pathfinder Day or the first ever HealthMinder Day this year in New York City, we know you'll be needing a little blog-bling, so we've got speaking badges and attending buttons pre-coded for you below. Simply cut and paste the HTML snippet into your blog's sidebar....more
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HealthMinder Day Interviews: Making Time for Self-Care

We started our pre-conference interviews with our BlogHer '12 speakers earlier this week and thought it would be a great idea to also interview some of our HealthMinder Day speakers since this pre-conference event is new to our attendees! If you missed the announcement about HealthMinder Day and don't know what to expect, "the day will focus on expert information and looking at the latest tools, services, sources, and products for taking care of yourself and your loved ones. And for sharing with your online communities." I thought a good first question to ask some of our speakers would be: What's the #1 tip for self-care that you would pass on to those trying to make time for health and wellness?...more
I really agree with AV's approach. I need to get on it and do it.more

HealthMinder Day Interviews: Boundaries in Special Needs Blogging

We're another week closer to BlogHer '12 in NYC, which means we're even closer to HealthMinder Day, taking place the day before, August 2, 2012! We're continuing to ask our speakers questions that you might wonder about them as people or how they approach blogging. This week I asked some of our special needs bloggers a question many special needs bloggers struggled with: When it comes to blogging special needs, how did you find your boundaries as to what is and is not appropriate for your family?...more
When I started blogging, it was because of my son. I had a lightbulb moment about what might be ...more