Green-Veggie Fried Rice


Perfect Hard-Cooked Eggs

One of our New Year’s Resolutions was to learn how to cook more things that otherwise seemed too hard to fix. Eggs are one of the things we’re intimated by and we were thrilled to find this recipe that makes cooking hard-boiled eggs so easy !Ingredients12 eggs (we used large eggs)Cold waterIceDirections1.) Place the eggs in a single layer in a saucepan....more

Simple Fruit and Cheese Kabobs (perfect for your next party)

Try these easy to make and delicious fruit and cheese kabobs.  Three simple ingredients for some appetizer beauty. Make this simple, pretty and healthy appetizer. It’s quick to put together and oh so colorful!  Bring this to your next party and enjoy receiving several compliments. Pretty food makes me smile. ...more

Can Colorful Foods Make Your Skin & Hair Glow?

 You’re probably tired of your boring and bland skin and hair. But you’re probably even more tired of the monotonous supply of beauty products clogging your countertops, all proposing the same thing: radiance. But no matter how many times you splash Proactive on your face or douse your hair with Garnier, you can’t seem to get that evanescent, illuminating, dazzling glow in your skin and hair. ...more

Easy Chicken Alphabet Soup from leftovers

Healthy and hearty shows up on the menu once again with this use up your leftovers soup. Super easy and ready in 15 minutes. Woohoo!...more

No Carbs, No Way!

I have heard just once too often recently that to lose weight, you should stop eating carbohydrates.  Talk about giving me a heart attack!  Healthy, complex carbohydrates are essential for our digestive system and other vital processes.  ...more

Mini Baked Potatoes Topped with Smoked Salmon

A simple baked potato and smoked salmon recipe with lots of honey goat cheese, kale, and capers. Plus an easy patty pan squash recipe for your grill pan....more

Lemony Lime Chicken with Fresh Herbs and Wine

 LEMONY LIME CHICKEN WITH FRESH HERBS AND WINEMeat and PoultryWe’re all busy; especially during the we...more



How to Make Super Healthy Honey Mustard Dressing!

I am obsessed with condiments. Vinegar, Barbeque Sauce, Mayo, Mustard, Salsa, Chutney, Hot Sauce, Duck Sauce, Pickled Ginger, name it and I will use copious amounts.Store-bought condiments are kind of pricey, though.And they're filled with preservatives to promote a longer shelf-life.One of my favorites I love, LOVE is Honey Mustard!...more