It is not your job to be perfect

SourceNews flash: the world doesn’t need perfection from you.You weren’t born, schooled or hired for flawlessness....more

Do Something For Yourself!

In our daily hustle we often get caught up in doing for everyone in our lives except ourselves. As a mom and a wife I am guilty of this many days. However, I have realized that if I don't take the time to nurture myself, I will be of no use to my children and my husband. I have thought about ways that I enjoy relaxing and rejuvenating. Here are some of my favorites!✔️Drinking a hot cup of tea ✔️A long hot shower ✔️A spa day ✔️A good workout ✔️Reading a good book ✔️Writing a blog ✔️Going for a run ✔️Going for a walk ✔️Planning a vacation ✔️Pinning stuff on Pinterest...more

10 Things I Know About Being Healthy

As I made my way through my second pregnancy (whoo hoo *throws confetti*) I dealt with insane cravings, bouts of fatigue and NFTG* state of mind when it comes to working out. But every day I made a choice to stick by my healthy diet, workout and power through all of it....more

3 game-changing health mantras to get you through the week

Friends! There are a lot of exciting things in the works (hint: an ebook! Hint: collaboration with one of my blogging heroes!), so today’s short and sweet....more

Hit the Road Sugar, Fat, & Bad Bookie Foods

Hit the Road Sugar, Fat, & Bad Bookie Foodsby Lady E. of the O.P....more

Popular Causes of Skin Redness

There are many different causes of skin redness and the most popular one is sunburn. However, there are many different underlying causes of skin redness, also known as flushing, and this can include leprosy, hives, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne and eczema. Diagnosis will be determined by a variety of factors and if you have been exposed to irritating substances recently, this will be taken into account.Allergic Eczema...more

3 Natural Remedies for ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD for short,  is a condition that usually starts showing symptoms at a young age. This condition is more common than many parents realize and if left untreated, it can make a huge impact on an adult’s life. There are many different treatments available for ADHD and the prescription for Ritalin alone has skyrocketed to around 11 million every year, making the need for natural remedies more and more important....more

Coconut oil skin care routine

So I have told enough people about this neat skin care trick that I thought I should share it with the blog world.  ...more

Taking My Body Back: Part 2 – Making Changes

I never considered myself to have an “unhealthy” relationship with food.  I guess because I always equated that to emotional eating (eating when depressed, or stressed), snacking profusely, binging and purging etc.  It wasn’t really until I started Body Back that I noticed that my habits WERE unhealthy, not because I did any of those things…it was quite the opposite.  When I was stressed, I DIDN’T eat and as a matter of fact, I did eat emotionally, I liked to eat and drink when I was happy or celebrating.  Things like bagels, chips, French fries, desserts were my down fa...more

Watermelon Granita

Watermelon Granita Recipe originally published on Be Healthy Recipes - Watermelon Granita Recipe. Unlike ice cream and sorbet, frozen dessert is easier for cooking and by its freshness is even better. Preparation time: 15 minutes + cooling Servings: 10 You will need: 1 cup sugar 1 cup water 1 teaspoon lime juice 1 kg of watermelon, chopped Preparation: ...more