Death Becomes Me

Death Becomes Me   ...more

Eating Disorder Group Loses Leader to Eating Disorder

In 30+ years of food battles and active work within the eating disorder communities, I've never actually known anyone personally who died from an eating disorder.Now I know someone. The executive director of the Eating Disorders Information Network, EDIN. Lisbeth Rhine started struggling at the about the same age as me, and in the end it got her, about 10 years younger than me. ...more

Eugene Marathon 2012: A Little Bit of Denial Can Do Wonders at the Start Corral

Reposted from Worst Parade Ever:  If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon. Emil Zatopek...more

It was almost Nutritionally Disgraceful

Me+ You are what you eat. If this were true then today I would be (in this order)... ...more

Is there a message in this massage?

Because times are hard and I’m not rich (yet), I decided to put the moolah for my monthly massage membership (try saying that three times fast) towards other, more necessary things. Like, for example, sushi, pedicures, and a crown -->which, in hindsight, probably should have been a root canal. Besides, with the advent of Groupon, you can now get a whole boat load of massages for a nickel....more

The Powers of Green Tea

Ahhh!  I love green tea.  Do you all know the wonders of green tea?  I think this is one of the best drinks a busy mom can consume besides water of course.  Green tea is how I start my mornings.  For a busy mom like me, it is pretty convenient and an easy way to stay    healthy.  One of the most important things we can do as momsis to stay healthy so we can take care o...more
We have loads of green tea in our cabinet.  It's been something I loved way back when, but these ...more

Heal Your Body and Your Mind Will Follow

"I finally realized that being grateful to my body was key to giving more love to myself.”- Oprah Winfrey...more
 @MariaWoodEvents  Thanks, Maria!  I have even started to eat blueberry Greek yogurt now, ...more

Arsenic in Organic Brown Rice Syrup

A recent Dartmouth study revealed certain products containing organic brown rice syrup as a major ingredient contained high levels of cancer causing inorganic arsenic. The products tested were toddler formula, cereal bars, and high performance energy products....more
And it's BACK..... The Arsenic in Rice (now in White & Brown rice).  Soon we won't be able to ...more

Healthy Holiday Eating Guide

With the approaching holiday season, if you're like me, you're already thinking ahead about the bounty of delicious food that will soon be available to you!While I'm looking forward to the holidays, time with family and all that good food, I still have to be careful not to sabotage my weight and everything I've accomplished this year....more

DIE-ting again...but this time I mean it! come my pictures always make me look fatter than I really am? I mean I know the image that I see in the mirror of this thick yet shapely and well held together woman has to be the real me, not the swollen chick in the pics with the cheeks so puffy she looks like a squirrel hiding nuts for the winter. But, just in case I may be delusional, I've embarked on yet another diet. But this time I'm going to make it work. Really, I am. I promise! (Crossed fingers don't count if they're behind your back, right?)...more