Alison’s Green Juice Detox

Please welcome guest author Alison Barker as she shares her recipe for a Green Juice Detox–a healthy, refreshing, and perfect drink for post-Mardi Gras revelers! – Helana...more

3 Strategies fоr thе Bеѕt Men's Health аnd Fitness

Thеѕе days, increasingly mоrе men аrе interested іn health аnd fitness programs. Thіѕ іѕ nоt surprising ѕіnсе mоѕt people аrе concerned аbоut obesity аnd health conditions today ѕuсh аѕ diabetes, heart disease, prostate cancer аnd more. Thеѕе аrе mоrе thаn еnоugh reasons tо motivate аnуоnе tо gеt іntо good shape. I'm gоіng tо show уоu thrее strategies fоr successful men's health аnd fitness. Thеrе іѕ nо easy аnd quick wау fоr уоu tо gеt іn good shape, ѕо уоu muѕt bе prepared tо put іn thе time аnd effort tо achieve thе desired results....more

Organic or Chemically Enhanced?

The Return of Crazy Eyeris: What’s on Your Playlist?

I bet you thought I forgot about Crazy Eyeris, right?...more Thank you Robin! <3more

My Anti-Resolution Approach to Weight Loss in 2013

The new year is two weeks ahead of me. Somehow, between the kids being out of school for two weeks, a flu that hit all four of them (and the two cousins) and wiped us out for ten days, and the general desire to have just a couple days of doing nothing (except reading some good books of course) I managed to fall very behind. to make it worse, I spent most of this week working on a project that, in the end I had to terminate because the client was asking me to do work that I felt was unethical. She was one of my best paying clients and it was a very uncomfortable situation....more

I actually don't think about weight loss, ever

Am I in the minority? ...more

Recognizing "Beige Fat" as calorie-burning

Upon doing a little research on the correlation between obesity and cancer, I was interested to learn more about the variety of fat cells in our body.First off, as adults, we have very little to no "brown fat" cells because those cells are found mainly in infants....more

Think positive

      Hy everyone. Now I'm going to tell you something, that you might heard already before, but maybe you didn't took it too seriously. The key word is to think positive! I've heard about thins stuff too, and didn't made feel interested, because I'm naturally a kind person, but if I'm not controlling my mind, it might control me after a while. A while, I mean, after some tragedies, or many problems. What you are going to read here are absolutely about my own experiences and not other peoples's words. ...more

Belly Love

Ahhh my belly. Sometimes I TRULY don't give it enough love. Or (realistically) love it at all....more

A new alternative to artificial sweeteners?