Let's Get Physical

Maintaining good physical and mental health are very important for all women.  We balance so much in our everyday lives, particularly those of us that are mothers....more

Chunky Marinara

Chunky Marinara Sauce I have always wanted to try ground turkey, because I am not a huge red meat eater. But, I could never convince my husband to give up his beef and replace with a healthier alternative. So I decided to just do it. First, we tried Turkey burgers; lucky for me little Miss will eat anything....more

My Deodorant Does What?! Save Your Favorite Lady Bits!


Running in Circles…One 5K at a Time

Ah….the year is finally winding down, yet, I am still running in circles. Camp forms need to be completed, sneakers need to be replaced, closets need expunging, duffle bags require fumigating.   I’m a one woman show.  I  amass the camp clothes, label, wash all the pool towels on a regular basis and I wonder sometimes, do my kids actually know how much behind the scenes preparation it takes just so they can have fun? The answer is a resounding NO.  I work alone with no one beside me....more

Three Ways To Cut Ties With Your Inner Sugar Addict

There are many things to love about sugar. It tastes great, it gives you instant energy, it...okay, that's about it.  Sugar reminds me of the bad boyfriend we had in college. Charming at first, then leaving you with nothing but heartbreak.  When they come around again, you instantly take them back.  You can't get enough....more

6 Tips to get the Most out of your Workout

You may have heard the expressions "Mind over matter" or "It is 99% mental", and more times than not we may stop before we absolutely have to. Can your legs literally not take one more step? Could you really not lift 2 more reps if your life depended on it? Here are a few ways to get a little more out of your next workout:...more

When Chronic Pain Hurts Your Performance

After promising my readers not one but two books—Lethal Silence and To Shatter the Silence—by February 2013, and failing to deliver either book, I fear I’ve lost my credibility. So it’s time to come clean.I should confess: I did just finish one book, but it wasn’t either of those titles. It was Cheatin’ Ain’t Easy, a memoir about the life of Eloise Morgan Milne. I was under contract to write this book, so it had to take precedence over my own books, including those already in the pipeline. ...more