Carrot Cake Oatmeal Bar Redo

I have a client who was wanting some different ways to mix up oatmeal, so I quickly sent him a few recipe links (not my recipes) for baked oatmeal, oatmeal smoothies, etc....more

Cook These 5 Easy Things On Sunday, Thank Yourself All Week

If you asked me the one thing that I would be totally lost without during my week, I would unequivocally tell you that meal planning is #1 on my list. I have been sitting down on a Sunday for years now, figuring out what I am going to feed my family of five, and when I don't, well, lookout. It's when bad things happen, like ordering in pizza, Chinese and Sushi all in one week....more

Still Buying Store Bought Salad Dressing? Start Making These Homemade Versions.

The other day a reader wrote to tell me she was still using store bought salad dressings, and was in need of some inspiration.  As I looked into my recipes on my website, it dawned on me that I am lacking in the salad dressing department - so thank you for making me aware of this!Why make your own salad dressing? Let me count the ways:...more

Baked Salmon with a Mustard Dill Sauce

You know how it is in the winter: your energy gets a little zapped and, when it's dark at 5pm, I start thinking about my cocoon (my bed!).  Winter is good like that. We need to have a period of slowing down and resting more.Same goes with cooking.  I want warming, nourishing meals, but I am not always up for spending hours in the kitchen....more

Banana Mocha Smoothie

First, full disclosure. I don't drink coffee. Ever.I just never really gravitated towards it, even in college. Too much caffeine in one shot makes me really jittery. I'm a tea drinker.I see you, my coffee drinking friends, double rolling your eyes at me right now, calling me a coffee wimp. Tea? You can't relate....more

Start Stocking Your Freezer For The Fall

For almost half my life I have been going out to the Hampton's for my summer vacation.  First, renting houses with twenty of my closest "friends" and now with my own family....more

Teenage Snack Attack

My three teenagers are like eating machines.And sometimes turn into monsters when they get too hungry....more

Five Delicious Winter Spices To Help You Kick Up Creativity In The Kitchen

When the dark days of winter hit (which I am in right now), it's time to dig deep and get creative with your spice drawer. I admit, I can get carried away with my spice addiction, but how else can you quickly and easily transform something like basic beans and rice in mere seconds? It's all part of a well-run pantry. ...more
Oh! Wow, that’s a nice “spice drawer”. Garlic is one of my favourite spices in winter. Studies ...more

Mashed Potato Redo: Cauliflower Millet Mash

Yes, yes, you love mashed potatoes. And you wouldn't substitute anything for them in this world.  I love mashed potatoes too, but after years of drowning those poor tubers in too much butter and milk, I went looking for something else that could be a suitable substitute for that creamy dish that is so reminiscent of fall....more

Seasonal Eating: Late Summer Ratatouille

My garden cannot stop producing.  There are twinges of fall in the air, the sun is lower in the sky, but I am continuing to have an abundance of beautiful, vibrant vegetables.  My Late Summer Ratatouille is perfect for using up all those extra garden or CSA vegetables. A trip to the farmer's market would do the trick too.  Have you been lately?...more