Apple "Nachos"

Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Bites

Hey everyone! So today I wanted to share  a great way to use up leftover blueberries. I made these Banana Blueberry Chia Streusel Muffins last week for my birthday and I had a whole pint of blueberries left! Lately I’ve been buying frozen blueberries and eating them sprinkled with a little sugar for a sweet treat after dinner. So delicious! A much better alternative to high calorie ice cream and chocolate desserts. ...more

Why you shouldn't eat boxed brownies- And an easy homemade alternative!

will a cold glass of milk for dessert......more

Chocolate Banana Fudge (sugar-free and dairy-free)

Chocolate Banana FudgePublished May 23, 2014 | By ...more

60 Calorie Pumpkin Bars

       I can’t get enough of pumpkin, I honestly think I might turn into one… These healthy pumpkin bars are seriously one of my favorite healthy recipes i’ve ever made. Pumpkin bars are usually high in sugar, fat, and calories. Which is another reason why I love these bad boys, because they are the opposite of those fattening treats. ...more

Valentine's Day Dinner for Two: Part 2

And now for part 2 of the Crimson Beet Salad and Stuffed Mushroom dinner that my friend and chef, Ani, and I whipped up.  Or maybe you only want the dessert, part 2.  Hey, there's nothing wrong with that!...more

Chocolate Coconut Love Bites

On Valentine’s Day 2013 my dad turns 90. He’s a gracious 90, easygoing and content. Visiting him in the nursing home where he’s been living for almost a year is touching. While it’s hard for the residents to relate easily to one another, they all seem to relate to music....more

French Silk Pie

This no-bake Chocolate Pie is fantastic!  You won't know it's healthy while you are eating it!  This recipe contains tofu which is high in protein.  One slice of this pie has about 230 calories, which is about half of the calories in a regular chocolate pie.    ...more