Easy Summer diet through a smart menu

Summer dieting should not be painful to manage to keep yourself in shape! If you eliminate sweets and bread, things are half done. Further more, try and eat as much food and light meals with fewer calories. ...more

350 Million Diabetics

There are 138 million people in China with diabetes and close to 9.5% of Americans are diabetic.  Many of us are focusing our efforts on prevention, especially in people who are considered pre-diabetic and others who seem to have an insulin resistance....more

Outing Myself, Oh, the Humiliation!

Ok, so ever since I started writing more frequently on this blog I've thought about writing on this particular topic. This topic runs my life, has run my life since I was fourteen and it also couldn't be more boring or more personal. Great combination, right? I'm talking about my weight problem. I need to lose weight. And not the vanity 10 pounds that so many women struggle with, riding up and down the scale. I'm talking double-digit-not-ready-to-mention-amounts-publicly weight loss. But if you've seen me in say, the last twenty years, you know I've got a battle ahead of me....more

Weight Loss: What Works?

Welcome to the New Year!  As you may have noticed, 'tis is the season when society's interest in weight loss escalates from the slightly obsessive to the barking, raving, shrieking insane.Everywhere you turn, someone is telling you how to lose a quick and easy 10, 20, 50 or even 100 pounds.  Of course, many of these are commercial pitches for dubious exercise devices, pills, fad diets, or low-cal convenience foods, squarely aimed at separating you from your hard-earned money. ...more

My husband and I just started with a personal trainer and I'm sure we'll reach our 2010 goal ...more