Menus for Kids

Ordering from a kids' menu used to be easy when my kids couldn’t read. But then 1st grade happened and my son learned to, so there’s no pulling the wool over his eyes anymore. Now he can plainly see the unhealthy options he has to choose from and he loves them all!...more

How to Get Your Kids Eat Healthy (Just Kidding!)

We reached that stage when my newly one year old won't eat anything. Anything healthy, that is. I love all the advice out there about how to turn your children into little gourmets who devour arugula salad with figs, blue cheese and sherry vinaigrette, and politely chit chat about the nutritional value and the symphony of flavors, while sitting still, with endearing smiles on their innocent faces....more
Avery Lane Ah - the yogurt puffs! Both of my kids love them, plus I brought them to Europe with ...more

How to Teach Your Child to Love Healthy Food

At family gatherings, we have one who rushes around and acts busy, hoping nobody will notice she's not eating. (Pssst, we all notice.) We have another who won't touch a carbohydrate. We can't get through a photo album without hearing, "I was so fat then." On more than one occasion, I was assured that my baby daughter would "grow into herself." Soon after she started walking, I started to hear, "oh good, she's trimming down." Um, I wasn't worried. When it comes to shaping my kids' attitudes toward food, I have my work cut out for me. ...more
This is so awesome. I wish more parents would take the time with their children to teach them ...more

Withholding Sugary Snacks Won't Lead to Eating Issues

They are like any other child without sugar impulse control. So when a huge sugar laden cupcake is set in front of them, they are most likely going to give into temptation if provided the opportunity. Sometimes they are left to their own devices as they devour a treat like that.  Other times, I limit their little hands’ reach. It is in those publicly limiting situations where the eyes (and sometimes comments) of judgment are laid upon me leaving others believing they possess a general feel for my parenting style that, "could lead to eating issues down the road, you know." ...more
I love this post.  My girls are are now Junior High and upper elementary school aged, but we ...more