Turn Over A New Leaf

The outdoor farmer’s market in our hometown has officially opened for the season. Last fall, I pledged to turn over a new leaf this year and buy our vegetables and plants, along with soaps and other organic products, from local farmers whenever possible.  The time has come to make good on that promise. ...more

Southern Cookin' On a Diet

Working to change my lifestyle and improve my health, I've researched recipes creations that work for my Southern family. We now enjoy many more menus filled with foods chosen for healthy eating yet tweaked for our personal preferences. Fresh veggies and spices help make the healthy lifestyle change tasty and pleasant!  ...more

Is Junk Food as Addictive as Heroin?

The researchers found that, for the rats being fed junk food, the pleasure centers in the brain became less responsive to the tasty high-fat food as time went by, requiring more and more junk food to stimulate the brain's pleasure centers. Consequently, the rats began to eat compulsively, taking in twice as many calories as the other group, and soon became obese. ...more
Great post, thanks! Sugar is definitely my downfall. And I've noticed similar addictive ...more

Chia Seeds: They’re Not Just for Pottery Pets Anymore

You can just hear the commercial: "Ch-ch-ch-chia!" The terracotta animal figures who grow green sprout "hair" were first produced in 1977. The original chia pet was in the shape of a ram, but now there are over 30 different varieties, including one of President Obama (right)....more
My friend (who is a certified health coach) just talked me into trying these. She told me they ...more

Which tomatoes are tops?

Harriet Sugar Millerwww.eatandbeatcancer.com...more
I count on you for the best information on what to eat and what not to eat in order to be as ...more

"Sponsor a Senior" - Fresh Food!

Gregory’s Fresh Market Place is back in the community supporting healthy eating and living, especially for senior citizens.  Due to the overwhelming response to the “Sponsor a Senior for the Holiday” event, we have launched  a “Sponsor A Senior Throughout the Year” program for 2012. This special offering is available until December 31, 2012. For a donation of $100.00, each senior will receive one bag filled with fresh fruits and vegetables every month, information on eating and staying healthy, and a minimum of 3 food demonstrations and nutrition education/wellness classes....more

Getting Smart About Your Family's Food Budget With Rosalyn Hoffman

In her just-released book, Smart Mama, Smart Money: Raising Happy, Healthy Kids Without Breaking the Bank, Rosalyn Hoffman attempts to help Moms (or Moms-to-be) sort through a variety of questions about keeping spending in check while making sure your family is living a good life. She devotes an entire section to the issue of how families purchase food, prepare it, and eat it, asking parents to rethink how they approach the whole process to make it more affordable...and healthier....more
We totally have a junk food drawer. Well, it's not actually a drawer -- a section of a pantry ...more

The Power of Breakfast

I always ignored the PSAs, my teachers, my doctors and everyone who touted the power of breakfast. I thought that I never had time for breakfast. Up until recently my attitude on breakfast was: F’ that!Well, that opinion was fine and dandy when I had the metabolism of coked up caterpillar. But as I’ve gotten older and especially after my wedding, I noticed my metabolism ain’t what it used to be. I really took notice when my dress pants didn’t fit and I spent an entire summer wearing skirts and dresses because none of my pant fit....more

Couponing: A Contrarian View

After reading yet another blog post extolling the virtues of couponing, I’m moved to present a contrarian point of view.To begin, I’ll share several factors in my life that drive my perspective on food marketing, grocery shopping and couponing—and I’ll own the fact that my situation may not be like yours....more