Persimmon banana muffins

While out for a walk the other day I couldn't help myself from picking up some persimmons that were littering the sidewalks. Their bright orange skins were bursting with ripeness, and luckily many had survived the fall from the tops of the trees. For some reason persimmons seem to really flourish in my neighborhood. But, it doesn't seem like everyone's rushing out to gather them up and concoct goodness out of them....more

Rejecting Food Without Being Rude

But what if you don't want the cake right now? What if you're on a roll with your clean eating and you feel awesome and energetic and you don't want to lose that? How do you respond to these well meaning people who want to send you on the blood-sugar roller coaster to hell? It's a touchy subject but if you plan out your responses in advance, it makes it much easier. Your first little step today is to practice how to respectfully speak to other people about what you want and need while still maintaining appropriate boundaries. (Bonus: if you can figure out how to talk to others this way you're 90% of the way to speaking to yourself with such kindness!) ...more

Thanks for the "politeness" reminders! i've got no problem saying it as kindly as possible ("i'd ...more

New Year, New You!

 It’s as if someone has given us a life-sized eraser along with a permission slip reading, “You get a do-over.” Isn’t that how it feels when we start a new year, we resolve to do things better, to start anew? For some, 2010 was filled with empty promises including a commitment to: eating right, finding help to work out life’s challenges, having more patience with our kids and in creating our own destiny with a career we are truly passionate about. The good news is that the giant eraser, along with the mark of 2011, allows each one of us the opportunity to give it another go....more

6 Signs Your Diet is Dragging You Down

Do you feel blah, bored, or chronically tired? Does your skin look poor, pale, or prickly? Do you have trouble concentrating or making decisions? Don't blame your partner, kids, or job. It could be your diet. ...more

Kiss the Cook-A Costello family cookbook

It's November, and you know what that means..Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.  To us that means family and friends gathering for food, fun and football! Our recipes this month will focus on that, and should you have any to all means, it's not a party until everyone get's here!  Shoot us an email and maybe we'll feature your family favorite!...more

I unwittingly embarked upon the rubbishest diet ever

About three months ago, I noticed that some of my jeans were starting to feel a bit on the tight side, i.e., I was in danger of turning into a bloater. Appalled at the thought, I decided to embark upon a calorie controlled diet for the first time in my life. It was uncharted territory, and being a diet 'rookie' I decided to hark the words of DaVinci; "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." ...more

The Insanity Workout Program: the Question of What to Eat

A couple of years ago I read Michael Pollan’s excellent book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” on the politics and culture of food in America. He addresses the question, “What should we have for dinner?” – more complicated than it sounds in a nation obsessed with food, health, and fad dieting, but with the highest obesity rate in the world....more

What is the best source of calcium and are you getting enough?

Since 1980, milk consumption in this country has dropped by more than 22 percent. What happened? When did we stop needing milk? Many American households still don’t drink the amount of milk they probably should and have largely replaced the milk in their diets with sodas, energy drinks, bottled teas, juice and bottled water. Why is milk important you might ask? Here's one reason I can think of....... It takes calcium to build strong bones....more

Do you think people know what good milk tastes like anymore? We get our milk delivered from a ...more

Do You Have to Be Rich to Be Skinny?

I feel like I only have two choices when it comes to buying food: be frugal and buy foods that are not the most nutritious but will feed the family for the least amount of money, or buy wholesome food and double my weekly food costs. Maybe instead of the government taxing things like soda, sugar, and such, the government could do something about bringing down the price of nutritious food so healthy choices are affordable. (Not that I'm for government involvement in all aspects of our lives, but, geez, if they have to meddle in something....)...more

The blackberry dance.

You can’t win a wrestling match against a Himalayan blackberry vine. Some of the creepers are as thick as my finger, with spines the shape of shark’s teeth. If they want you, they’ll get you – and they’ll hold on. The only way out is to dance....more