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21 Day Online Summer Prep Course - Get Ready for Swimsuit Season!

Today's big news: Registration is officially open for my 21 Day Summer Prep Course!...more

Another Meat Recall: It's Time to Get Your Grind On

Grind your own meats.  It’s cheap. It’s better for you. It’s better tasting. When you buy your own cuts, you get to select the best quality pieces and have control over the freshness of the product....more

Taking the emotion out of eating but not the enjoyment

Pretty much all of us have been there at some stage or another. Consoling ourselves over the break up of a relationship, a bad day at work, the kids playing up, the weather being grey and wet. Almost all and every excuse we can think of to have another slice of cake, eat the rest of that box of chocolates, or for those with a more savoury tooth devour those tortilla chips smothered in sour cream and cheese....more

First Lady Breaks Ground on Third Season of White House Kitchen Garden

On Wednesday, First Lady Michelle Obama will take part in the third planting of the White House Kitchen Garden. The garden has served as a touchpoint and centerpiece for Obama's campaign to reduce childhood obesity and improve eating habits for all Americans, but particularly for America's children. ...more

Score One For Mom! Making Food Fun

My kids' eating drives me bonkers.  They could eat non-stop all day, but definitely have their picky moments.  #1 is all about meat and grains.  #2 is all about fruit and the occassional vegetable.  #3 loves fruit, and the rest it depends on his mood.  Between the three of them they eat a balanced diet, but solo...ehhhh.The hubs had to work late tonight, so I fixed a quickie meal.  As a side dish, I made a quick spinach and strawberry salad with raspberry viniagrette

Women's Need

Why is it that most women think that they so desperately need men to come save them from themselves or tell them what to do when they have the answer on their own hands? Why they like to wait around, suffer while they kill that time to realize they can do it on their own?...more

This piece goes to all kinds of relationships not just straight ones because it also applies to ...more

OMG, you can eat healthy too. Or rather, Wow I lost 3 lbs!

So I weighed myself today, a day early I know, but I had to see if what I was doing was working, and shockingly I am down to 220lbs, and that was with jeans on!  I realizze this is not much and that the beginning water weight comes off "easy", but I am quite happy at my little 3lbs.  ...more

That's great! Keep up the good work :)more

Do you eat together?


Holy Butt!! I didn't know I weighed that much!!

OK so I stepped on the scale, and I was astonished, I am 223lbs.  WOW!  I did not realize that I weighed that much, didn't really think it was possible, but damn, as the Wii Fit would say, "Ohh that's obese."  I have always hid it well, I have always fooled those people that shout at you at carnivals, "I'll guess your weight, and if not you'll win a prize!"  I always won.   I guess I thought that, wow I can be fat and no one will really notice. I guess the biggest person I was fooling was myself.  After discussing with my husband, I...more

Good luck with the weight loss goals! I'm on a similar journey myself and will be cheering you ...more