The Insanity Workout Program: the Question of What to Eat

A couple of years ago I read Michael Pollan’s excellent book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” on the politics and culture of food in America. He addresses the question, “What should we have for dinner?” – more complicated than it sounds in a nation obsessed with food, health, and fad dieting, but with the highest obesity rate in the world....more

What is the best source of calcium and are you getting enough?

Since 1980, milk consumption in this country has dropped by more than 22 percent. What happened? When did we stop needing milk? Many American households still don’t drink the amount of milk they probably should and have largely replaced the milk in their diets with sodas, energy drinks, bottled teas, juice and bottled water. Why is milk important you might ask? Here's one reason I can think of....... It takes calcium to build strong bones....more

Do you think people know what good milk tastes like anymore? We get our milk delivered from a ...more

Do You Have to Be Rich to Be Skinny?

I feel like I only have two choices when it comes to buying food: be frugal and buy foods that are not the most nutritious but will feed the family for the least amount of money, or buy wholesome food and double my weekly food costs. Maybe instead of the government taxing things like soda, sugar, and such, the government could do something about bringing down the price of nutritious food so healthy choices are affordable. (Not that I'm for government involvement in all aspects of our lives, but, geez, if they have to meddle in something....)...more

The blackberry dance.

You can’t win a wrestling match against a Himalayan blackberry vine. Some of the creepers are as thick as my finger, with spines the shape of shark’s teeth. If they want you, they’ll get you – and they’ll hold on. The only way out is to dance....more

Eat Your Vegetables Every Day...But Especially June 17

We all know we should be eating five fruits and vegetables every day. But June 17 every year is National Eat Your Vegetables Day, so it's an extra-special opportunity to celebrate these healthy components of our diet. Here are some recent recipe posts that feature vegetables in new and different ways. ...more

Yeah, we're pretty much like that here, now, too. I say "now" because my husband insisted for ...more

The "Divorce Diet" is what?

Since becoming separated, I have somehow lost 15lbs.  My food intake has basically consisted of fast food, pizza pockets and chips...not just any kind of chips, but Jalapeno Cheddar Doritos to be specific.  I should have bought stock before I separated...I would have more than made my money back by now.  After all, I go through one of the big bags every other day!  Hello, my name is RedPhoenix, and I'm an emotional eater. My kids' diets haven't changed though.  I continue to feed them what I made for them before their father and I separated.  I just can...more

It's totally not wrong that you don't want to cook in a stuffy, non-airconditioned apartment as ...more

Eating Disorders and Kids: Why we Need to Pay Close Attention

Sometimes my 2 year old toddler refuses to eat. Sometimes this last for 2 meals in a row.  Sometimes for 2 consecutive days. A close friend of mine’s seven year old child is overweight and snacks all the time....more

EDNOS is very prevalent, yet most folks have never heard of it. It's important that a person ...more

raw food detox?

So I’ve been eating healthy for over a week. I hesitate to label what I’m doing for fear of messing it up but I will call it the semi vegan vegetarian raw food diet....more

Teaching Kids Healthy Eating Habits

    As moms it should come as no surprise that we want the absolute best for our child. For me, this certainly holds true for the lessons my husband and I will teach our daughter over the course of her life, especially as it relates to food and healthy eating and exercise habits.Looking back on the years of my life and the relationship I had, and have, with food, it <...more

What If Elmo Could Get Your Kids to Eat Broccoli?

I recently re-embraced vegetarianism. I was vegetarian for a long time in my twenties (even vegan for awhile before my love of cheese overcame my desire to liberate farm animals) and have always been ambivalent about meat. Even as a child, I was ambivalent about meat. So I decided to just go back to my veggie roots and embrace my true vegetarian self. A new era of veggie-centric dining was dawning in my household! Huzzah! ...more

My mothering style might offend some, but the kids eat what I make. Cooking is time consuming ...more