Leaf Lettuce Salad with Parmesan Crisps

Leaf Lettuce Salad with Parmesan Crisps is a wonderful restaurant in Houston that serves Parmesan crisps with their salads. I enjoy these crisp and salty treats so much that often I am tempted to ask them to bring me a bowl filled with them. My husband says that would not be appropriate, but when he is not looking, I sometimes am able to get the waiter to sneak me a few extras! ...more

The Perfect Weight or The Perfect Fit?

There is a stomach bug running rampant through my kids’ school, which of course means that it passed through our home as well. And what you may ask does this have to do with obtaining my perfect weight? It means that after it hit me, I was my perfect weight – those last five pounds were gone – just like magic, well, not quite, but close enough. ...more

Am I a Salt-aholic?

You've probably heard all the news stories about the fact Americans consume way too much salt. I admit I am a salt lover--not quite a salt-aholic. ...more

Healthy Eating Tips: Fridge Makeover

Just wanted to share with people my latest video that debuted on AOL's homepage! I am so excited, it's about healthy eating tips, specifically on how to swap in healthier forms of dairy, meat and condiments.. ...more

Orgo A Go Go?: Buying Organic for Kids?

Organic grapes, yes.  Organic pasta, no.  Organic bananas.  Maybe?  Should you bother buying organic food for your child?  Do we have evidence kids who eat organic have less pesky chemicals in their little bodies? Yes.  Do we know if these substances will prove dangerous to them?  No, not yet.  What do we know about eating organic?  ...more

Intuitive cooking from the farmers market

  Intuitive Cooking From the Farmer’s Market Posted by Michele Rosenthal April 2, 2009 ...more

Eating Disorders At Midlife

As a specialist in women’s mental health, I am often asked, “does one ever recover from an eating disorder?”  ...more

My top 5 filling foods

I'm always having to remind myself that not all foods are created equal when it comes to pure filling power. And when I say filling, I mean a healthy food that will sustain you for a good three hours with no nasty blood sugar wobbles. So, at the moment, here's what's working for me. 5. Soup ...more