A Nutty Snack

This is a fun, easy and healthy snack to quickly throw together (that also prevents you from grabbing something less healthy at the local convenient store). I am a firm believer in keeping healthier snacks with you in your purse, car, etc.  When our choices are quick and convenient for us, it's makes it alot easier to stay on track in making better choices. Another great thing about his snack is your choices are unlimited...add or delete any ingredient you prefer....more

10 Best Foods for Fat Loss - Burn Baby Burn!!

Just like there are certain foods that are good for your heart, there are specific foods that aid in fat loss. Excess body fat is often the cause of some of the major physical threats like cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. According to the World Health Organization, nearly two-thirds of all American adults are overweight, and 34% are clinically obese. No matter if you are five pounds or 205 pounds overweight, excess body fat can harm you. Here is a list of 10 of the best fat-fighting foods that you should incorporate into your diet if you haven’t already....more

I eat about 5 cans of tuna per week to help get enough protein in my diet. Eating sustainable ...more

Countdown to February 4

My husband Kevin;s company is going to begin a biggest loser contest on February 3.  Weigh in is February 3 so the way I see it, the actual diet begins February 4.  I'm very excited about this contest because we're all going to jump on the bandwagon.  By all, I mean, the whole family, me, Kevin, my daughter and son.  We're all going to work together to lose as much weight as possible.  The contest is 3 months long.  My daughter wants to lose 20 lbs.  My son wants to lose about the same so he can get in shape for next season's football season.  I ...more

Disappearing Stripper Boots... or Why Barbie Can Stay

Katie was brimming with excitement and, with brush in hand, couldn't wait to brush Barbie's long golden hair. As I removed the bits of plastic holding her in place, I couldn't help but notice the length of her dress (super short), the backless top of the dress, the black knee-high stripper boots, the heavy eye makeup. I immediately felt a twinge in my stomach. I was uncomfortable. ...more
Great post. I took a similar approach with my girl and we had no issues.  (Mind you this was the ...more

Taco Soup Recipe

Since I started counting calories back in October, this recipe has literally become a staple in my kitchen.  It's also so easy, I always have the ingredients on hand in case I need a quick supper or unplanned guests to feed. One thing that is so great about this recipe is nothing is exact.  If you forgot to buy one of the items, it's okay.  Wanna add something else you don't see here?  Go for it!  Make it your own!  I love it!...more

January Detox Week - Day 4

Today is ze last day of the official cleanse!(Tomorrow just includes coming out of the cleanse, which is light foods and, um, perhaps a wine tasting event with my sis in Redondo. Don't tell.)...more

One of the best soups I ever had (and made)!

www.garlicgirl.com My daughter Jasmine came down with a bad cold a couple days ago and asked for soup....more

Yes, I would think so!


January Detox Week - Day 1

I am officially back. I'm serious this time. ...more

Persimmon banana muffins

While out for a walk the other day I couldn't help myself from picking up some persimmons that were littering the sidewalks. Their bright orange skins were bursting with ripeness, and luckily many had survived the fall from the tops of the trees. For some reason persimmons seem to really flourish in my neighborhood. But, it doesn't seem like everyone's rushing out to gather them up and concoct goodness out of them....more

Rejecting Food Without Being Rude

But what if you don't want the cake right now? What if you're on a roll with your clean eating and you feel awesome and energetic and you don't want to lose that? How do you respond to these well meaning people who want to send you on the blood-sugar roller coaster to hell? It's a touchy subject but if you plan out your responses in advance, it makes it much easier. Your first little step today is to practice how to respectfully speak to other people about what you want and need while still maintaining appropriate boundaries. (Bonus: if you can figure out how to talk to others this way you're 90% of the way to speaking to yourself with such kindness!) ...more

Thanks for the "politeness" reminders! i've got no problem saying it as kindly as possible ("i'd ...more