5 Food Mistakes I No Longer Make

These 5 food products used to be a regular part of my diet, but I gave them the boot. What do you think happened next? Spoiler alert: I'm 20 pounds lighter, but more on that later. A favorite saying in the health and wellness community is "know better, do better." I think that pretty much sums it up. Obviously most of us want to be healthy and to make better choices, but sometimes we don't know where to start, or worse, we don't know what we don't know. So for those of you who are looking to make some small (and easy!) dietary changes, this post is for you. I hope it helps you reach your goals, or at least makes you think a little harder about what makes it into that grocery cart. ...more
These are great tips! I really appreciate your creative and candid writing.You present tangible ...more

Kids Cover the 2015 White House Kids' State Dinner

It's a whole new world of recipes when Aladdin and the Kids' State Dinner work together. On July 10, 2015, the White House held their 4th annual Kids' State Dinner. ...more
First of all, congratulations that your children got invited so many times! How wonderful for ...more

Epic Cooking Fail ~ Do not try this at home...

 In all my years of cooking I've had a few fails; bland, salty, mushy, overcooked, to name a few.  I can say with total confidence that I've never prepared something that looked so delicious, only to take a bite and realize they were void of any flavor.  My husband said that they'd be good if you were on a really long hike in the wilderness and you hadn't had any food for days....  Hmmmm, that's saying something....more

Smart tips to make your pasta salads healthier

How many times have you ordered a salad thinking you are doing your waist line a favour.  Ha, many times our salads are loaded with high fat stuff and ladened with, sodium.  Umm, not so good.  Here are 3 little tricks to help build a healthier pasta salad at home.1.  Try the whole wheat pasta varieties.  You will get more fibre than with the white variety and this fibre is the stuff that keeps the pipes clean....more

A Healthy Burger Recipe to Celebrate National Hamburger Day!

Today is National Hamburger Day! Dig in! - PJ GachThis is my kind of holiday! National Hamburger Day--How fun is that?! GoodMeal, the healthy meal delivery service based in New York City has a healthy and very tasty hamburger recipe that you can try out today or any day of the year....more

How To Eat Healthy Dining Out

Living in NYC eating out is a regular thing. There are tons of restaurants around serving everything from different types of water to mock chicken. Having food choices is good, but depending on what you order you could damage your fitness goals....more

Blackberry Lemonade Green Smoothie

Try this blackberry lemonade green smoothie the next time you're feeling hungry and craving something bad for you.I just made this blackberry lemonade green smoothie today, and it was so good! The only thing is it didn’t quite taste like lemonade. But I’m sure that can be fixed! Either way it was still really good. And best of all, it’s healthy!Here’s the recipe for this blackberry lemonade green smoothie for you to try.Ingredients:...more

How I Survived My 10-day Sugar Detox

Two words: I SURVIVEDI felt really good the first 2 days. I went about my days feeling normal, maybe a little hungry but I upped my water intake, specially about 15 minutes before meals and about 30 minutes after. I wasn’t tired or achy as I thought I’d be with any detox one goes through....more

Food Philosophy Overhaul – Curing Picky Eaters

Raise your hand if you are a parent and your kids are picky eaters?  Yes?  No?  Sometimes?  Well, if your kids eat everything put in front of them and just love eating fruit and vegetables…well you’re either A) Super lucky or B) You’ve already got this whole food thing figured out and you can quit reading and go about your day now....more