3 Common Behaviors That Sabotage Healthy Eating

Your attempts to eat healthy can be thwarted by a lack of understanding of what makes foods “healthy” in the first place. Some foods are considered healthy because they promote proper functioning of the body while others are labeled "healthy" simply because they are lower in calories.  It's important to understand that healthy foods are not always fair game and abusing them can do more harm than good when it comes to your efforts to eat healthy.  Here are 3 common behaviors that can really sabotage healthy eating.  Frying Foods in Olive Oil...more

weekly menu planner {back-to-school week}

this week i am doing a back-to-school series on the blog!i get excited every year at this time, even though i am sad to say goodbye to summer, i look forward to more structured days and weeks. the new beginnings with new classes, books, teachers, and friends....more

Becoming Heart-Healthy the Japanese Way

  Most of us were raised members of the “clean plate club”, right? Remember the “finish everything on your plate” philosophy that permeated every American home?...more

Apple sauce and bbq turkey meatballs

Yes, you read that right.  Apple sauce and BBQ sauce.  In meatballs. It’s seriously the most delicious combination that I’ve ever tried....more

How we tackle the kids' menu in reastaurants

My life was much easier before my older child started reading. And not because I had an additional excuse to snuggle with her in the evenings to read a story but because neither of my two girls knew what a kids’ menu was. For them, it used to be just a piece of paper to draw and color on. Things are different now....more

Wordy Wednesday

I had planned on this being a Wordless Wednesday but it turned into a Wordy Wednesday for me and it is not even 9 am.   And the tale goes like this: ...more

Time For A Change

I  think it's time for a change.  I'm talking a big change.  A change that might rock my family to its very core.  I'm talking about......more
 @Genie Gratto Thank you Genie.  The cheese and diary is going to be difficult!more

Day 7 - The Battle Continues

As of yesterday I finished seven days of the colon cleanse.  That was 2-3 shakes a day (I only did 2), with added nutrition stuff, fiber and 7 cleanse capsules with each shake.  Then dinner I would have plate fulls of veggies and all day long, water, water, water.  I'm done with the nearly starvation part.  Just kidding, it really wasn't too much of a starvation kind of thing and I have not been perfect.  On day 5 I had a piece of pork tenderloin and on day 6, at the family/Father's Day event I had some brisket and my Grandma's dip on a chip (several times)....more

Day 1 - Back to Health

Today is day one of the colon cleanse.  I could have started yesterday, Monday, but I had a girlfriend birthday party to go to and I didn't want to sit out of the champagne and fun, so today is the day.  I got up this morning and instead of a protein bar as my usual thing I had a pear and my coffee, black.  Wade put my arms and shoulders through the ringer and I thought I might "DIE"!  Not really but I was really, really hungry and a bit light headed when I got home and a bit worried....more

Can low-income families afford to eat healthy?

When discussing social and environmental justice issues, I hear many comments and questions. One keeps repeating itself..."How can lower income families afford to eat healthy?" I understand the argument and have participated in this dialogue. The inner-cities do not have the same access to grocery stores. Their choice is primarily corner stores that do not offer fresh fruit and vegetables. Rather, the least expensive things to buy include Cheetos among other non-nutritional food items. Or, there is always a McDonalds nearby....more