Wordy Wednesday

I had planned on this being a Wordless Wednesday but it turned into a Wordy Wednesday for me and it is not even 9 am.   And the tale goes like this: ...more

Time For A Change

I  think it's time for a change.  I'm talking a big change.  A change that might rock my family to its very core.  I'm talking about......more
 @Genie Gratto Thank you Genie.  The cheese and diary is going to be difficult!more

Day 7 - The Battle Continues

As of yesterday I finished seven days of the colon cleanse.  That was 2-3 shakes a day (I only did 2), with added nutrition stuff, fiber and 7 cleanse capsules with each shake.  Then dinner I would have plate fulls of veggies and all day long, water, water, water.  I'm done with the nearly starvation part.  Just kidding, it really wasn't too much of a starvation kind of thing and I have not been perfect.  On day 5 I had a piece of pork tenderloin and on day 6, at the family/Father's Day event I had some brisket and my Grandma's dip on a chip (several times)....more

Day 1 - Back to Health

Today is day one of the colon cleanse.  I could have started yesterday, Monday, but I had a girlfriend birthday party to go to and I didn't want to sit out of the champagne and fun, so today is the day.  I got up this morning and instead of a protein bar as my usual thing I had a pear and my coffee, black.  Wade put my arms and shoulders through the ringer and I thought I might "DIE"!  Not really but I was really, really hungry and a bit light headed when I got home and a bit worried....more

Can low-income families afford to eat healthy?

When discussing social and environmental justice issues, I hear many comments and questions. One keeps repeating itself..."How can lower income families afford to eat healthy?" I understand the argument and have participated in this dialogue. The inner-cities do not have the same access to grocery stores. Their choice is primarily corner stores that do not offer fresh fruit and vegetables. Rather, the least expensive things to buy include Cheetos among other non-nutritional food items. Or, there is always a McDonalds nearby....more

Protein Part One: Why and How Much?

I've been talking with a lot of fellow runners and fitness pursuers lately about food and diet changes. It has had me thinking more about the common misconceptions out there about 'healthy' eating. I was speaking with one friend about little changes in what she consumes and when I mentioned increasing protein, I could see her immediately react with nervousness and she said something that has stuck with me for a while: "I'm not going to be training to be a runner."...more

Does Organic Food Make You Act Like A Jerk?

What researchers found was that after viewing organic food pictures, people rated moral transgressions as being worse than people who saw the normal or comfort foods rated them. Those seeing organic also said they could volunteer significantly less time to help out. The results persisted no matter what the subjects thought of the desirability of the food. Seeing the organic food made people less nice, not nicer. ...more
Hi, I´m looking for info about organic food but more like "technical", any reccomendation? I´m ...more

Jamie Oliver Talks About Food Revolution Day and Why You Should Participate!

On Saturday, May 19, people all over the world will celebrate the first Food Revolution Day, a day of action designed to help everyone think about where their food comes from, consider making healthier, less-processed choices about what they put in their bodies, and gather together to share those ideas and meals as a community of cooks and eaters committed to eating well. Celebrity chef and food activist Jamie Oliver, who has been working in the United Kingdom and in the United States since 2004 to improve school meals for kids throughout both countries, is using the day to expand awareness about ways to eat well, and why it's so important to do so. I had the opportunity to ask Jamie about his work and about Food Revolution Day—read on to learn more about the bigger picture into which this important day fits, as well as small ways that everyone can take part....more
I second that, "Go Jamie Go!" I think it is a wonderful, wonderful project.   In my own home we ...more

Breaking News about Fruit & Vegetables: Is Being Healthy Good Enough? - AROMA CUCINA

Breaking News about Fruit & Vegetables: Is Being Healthy Good Enough? - AROMA CUCINA http://bit.ly/Iz466j Why don't we eat more fruits and vegetables? Here in Italy we do. Why? Because they taste so damn good. Is cost a factor? And, you're crap out of luck if you live in a 'food desert'. ...more

There's Probably A Fancy Name For This Somewhere.

If there are two tenets in my kitchen life, at least in the savory sense, they are these.1.  I like vegetarian food that merely sounds intricately fancy yet is truly straightforwardand2. I don’t particularly like making pie crust.  (Surprise!)...more