March is Nutrition Month, which means we should all be taking a look in our pantry to see where improvements can be made. By eating a variety of foods, you are more likely to get the maximum nutritional benefits from food. If you haven't done so already, try adding these ingredients into your diet for a dose of added nutrition. They can be used as a garnish, as a substitute for other ingredients, or as complimenting flavour for many recipes!1. Nutritional Yeast ...more

Making your own junk food at home

I don't know about you -- but, Mondays are usually a fresh start to the week in so many ways. Of course you have the beginning of the work week, and with that also comes the "food week". How are we going to eat this week? Will we bring our own lunch to work? Will we resist the temptation of going to a local "junk food" outlet because we won't have time to do everything that needs to be done for meeting the big deadline on Friday? If you are like me and so many others, I'm sure you look forward to your weekend, right?...more

Hidden Dangers of Food Dyes

In my quest to eat more real foods, I’ve become more conscious of how often I see synthetic food dyes in our world.  Halloween candy is already set-up in the stores and it’s a billboard for Red Dye #40. (Synthetic food dyes are listed with a #, like Blue #2.) In the past couple of years, I keep reading that food dyes have been linked to hyperactivity in children, eczema, ear infections, headaches, asthma, sleep issues and more....more
We avoid artificial food dyes and other additives made with petroleum: BHA, BHT, TBHQ, propylene ...more

My Week's 10 Weightloss Observations

    So I've observed a few things this week and last about my journey to health and weightloss. See if you can relate.... 1- Last week I ate much healthier than the week before, but didn't lose any weight. 2- I feel on days like today I kind of balanced things out when I ate 3 homemade cookies for lunch, then a small bowl of beanie weenies and a few stalks of celery for dinner....more