Eatting Health at a Party

It happens to all of us; we are trying to eat what is right for our bodies and we are doing better and better all the time and then, bam, along comes another birthday, holiday or social event riddled with every food we are trying to avoid.  Why is it that when we gather as a group some of the least healthy food show up as option? How to handle these situations in a healthy manor depends on your biotype, personality and your motivations in general....more

Food Choices—Look To The Past To Guide Your Food Choices Today

The other weekend I stopped in a local grocery store for a few things on my way up to our cabin. While in line, I was intrigued by what I saw. Ahead of me was an older woman. I would guess she was in her late sixties, or early seventies. She was bright and cheery and happily smiled at me as she unloaded her items on to the conveyor to check out. As I stood there waiting for my turn, I noticed the items she unloaded were mostly fresh vegetables and meat and maybe a couple fruits. I thought to myself, "good choices and good for you. No wonder she seems happy."...more

How to Cook at Home and Lose Pounds

MSN Health & Fitness stated that: “The research found that those who make dinner in their own kitchen typically consumed less sugar and fat – in fact, they roughly ate 140 fewer calories a day than those who ate out most of the time. Even when portion sizes were similar, the sugar and fat content still tended to be lower in the home-cooked dinners.”...more

Tips and Tricks for Veggie Haters

Eat your vegetables! You need three to five servings of vegetables a day! I have been hearing this for as long as I can remember. The problem is…I hate veggies! Ok, I don’t hate all veggies, just most of them....more

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Gen XXL: Can We Blame It on the Fries?

Friday--I love my fries, but I rarely have the fattening treat and evidently plenty of kids order them too often. Recent research shows forty-five percent of this country’s youth are overweight or obese according David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding, the authors of Eat This Not That. And the statistics only get more depressing. According to research detailed in their article in “Only 2 percent of children between the ages of two and 19 are fulfilling their five main recommendations for a healthy diet laid out in the USDA’s Food Guide Pyramid.” How can this happen? ...more