Lazy Day Salad

Easy, breezy salad with minimal chopping. Dressing made without oil and sugar-free.Tear your favorite rinsed leafy greens and place on a plate. I clipped buttercrunch, red lettuce, and romaine from my garden....more

Beth Aldrich's Real Moms' Strategy: Love Food & Lose Weight!

Is it possible to eat the food you like while still making healthy choices? Beth Aldrich of Real Moms Love To Eat believes it’s not only possible, but can become a way of life! Her new book on the subject, officially released today, presents her upbeat and sane approach to recalibrating your food intake, even if you’re juggling a busy, on-the-go life....more
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Roasted summer vegetable quinoa

Our garden finally decided to be a garden and grow a couple of tomatoes and zucchini. This summer was a bit cooler than usual, so the rest of my stuff (peppers, herbs, artichokes) didn't really take off. But, the other day, I had a good handful of happy stuff and while savoring the wonderfully fresh smell of my collection, I had an idea.Roasted vegetable quinoa...more

How to Roast a Tomato + 8 Ingredients to Inspire Your Creation!

Today, I'm passing along a ...more

Quick and Easy Vietnamese Spring Rolls, "Goi Cuon"

Vietnamese spring rolls (goi cuon) are one of my all-time favorite foods. I've never successfully gone to a Vietnamese restaurant without ordering spring rolls as an appetizer....more
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Lentil Mince

The recipe I’m sharing today is a pretty health-friendly one (dietician approved). It’s a variation of my bolognaise sauce mince (ground beef) I make. It works really well served with brown or wild rice. Full recipe here ...more

Taking the emotion out of eating but not the enjoyment

Pretty much all of us have been there at some stage or another. Consoling ourselves over the break up of a relationship, a bad day at work, the kids playing up, the weather being grey and wet. Almost all and every excuse we can think of to have another slice of cake, eat the rest of that box of chocolates, or for those with a more savoury tooth devour those tortilla chips smothered in sour cream and cheese....more

Rice, Soy, Almond "Milk" or "Drink"?

Rice, Soy, Almond "Milk" or "Drink"?   I just arrived home from Lake Tahoe, sat down on the couch to relax and picked up the Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer and on the back page an ad for Rice Drink is being advertised.  It reads:Tader Joe's Organic Rice Drink is one of those "milk" drinks that aren't actually made with dairy products, so, technically, we can't call them milk.  But let's be honest; w...more

Super Foods Everyone Should Have in Their Diet


fresh fruits and veggies are super foods that are packed with lots of nutrients. add colors your ...more