East-West Curried Seafood Stew

 Are you a fan of bouillabaisse? Well, prior to meeting my husband, I’d actually never had bouillabaisse, which is surprising since I’ve always been quite the foodie. Now, I’m somewhat of a connoisseur. Bouillabaisse is essentially a type of seafood stew that’s packed full of veggies, beans, herbs and spices. Using a pressure cooker to prepare such stew can substantially reduce your cooking time while also preserving all the savory flavors. Here’s a fun and delicious pressure cooker bouillabaisse recipe that’s perfect if you’re in the mood for something exotic: "East-West Curried Seafood Stew"....more

Greek Yogurt Parfait

With Easter and Mother’s Day on the horizon, we want to give you an easy, healthy and delicious dessert to serve your guests and/or family.  If you are hosting an Easter lunch or a Mother’s Day brunch this dessert will leave your guests feeling very satisfied and not at all guilty.  Another plus of this delicious treat is that it looks very pretty displayed on a buffet or on your kitchen island for your guests to admire. ...more

Eating Well. Does that Make Me a Food Nazi?!

For a year to a year and a half now, I have been avoiding, as best as I can, canned foods, processed foods, and the like, not keeping it in my house and not cooking with it. Around last January, two of my (nursing) children and I went completely gluten-free, as I had good reason to believe one was gluten-sensitive. Add to that our dairy sensitivities, and we have loads of fun. Not so much. But, I will not complain, because there are people with much more comprehensive and serious dietary restrictions, and I still have access to a variety of foods. ...more

Cinnamon PB Greek Yogurt Dip


Berries with cream cheese and yogurt

Feels like Summer when I look at this. A girl can dream. Many months to go before these come in my area. Until then I will thank California for this bounty. Ingredients2 strawberries18 blueberries1 tablespoon cream cheese1 piece of toastInstructions...more

Baked feta and dill stuffed mushrooms

I bought dill the other day with no real idea what to use it on. As luck would have it I came up with this delightful feta and dill stuffed mushroom recipe. These can be prepared quickly and cook for about 10 minutes in the oven. Serves 2Ingredients...more