The art of eating like the goddess you are

It's a fragrant, lemony scented afternoon in Florence. Having come far from distant lands, the hot, dry wind has settled in my garden for a long-awaited rest. Yawning in a sweet slumber, little puffs of breath escape him, lingering in scents of rosemary and mint. Nestled under a summer hat and tickled by the light that is playfully drawing on the canvas of my face, I am thinking about dinner. A fast-cooked macaroni and cheese certainly will not do!...more

Grain Free, Gluten Free Banana Breakfast Muffins

Because I didn't really do anything earth-shattering in the exercise category  today, I wanted to try to whip up something healthy. I try to steer clear of grains as much as possible and wanted to create something that would be a good go-to for breakfast. It's not uncommon for people to default to refined carbs like toast, bagels, or sugary cereals for their morning meal. These muffins might be a good alternative for people who are looking for a higher protein or gluten free breakfast. Check out the recipe below....more

Are You a Heart-Healthy Backyard Foodie?

Recently, I was at a backyard barbecue with friends, surrounded by their prolific vegetable garden and fruit trees.   Everything in the meal –the potato salad with fixins’ and herbs, tossed greens, scallions, carrots, garlic, onions, beets, and tomatoes, (except the grass fed burgers and buns) had its origins from their dirt....more

What's Your "Guilty" Food?

I came across the concept of “guilty” foods the other day, and how in our modern culture as a result of industrialized food manufacturing, we actually label foods “good” and “guilty”....more

Heart Attacks at the Heart Attack Grill: Fast Food and Bad Decisions

Editor's update: ABC News reports that a second person has suffered a heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill this past weekend. The woman is recovering after "eating a double bypass burger, smoking cigarettes and having a margarita," according to ABC. -- Julie ...more
8,000-calorie burger? No thanks! People really need to be better informed on the impact fast ...more

Easy and Tasty Ways to Add Kale and Other Veggies to Your Family's Diet

 Sauteed Kale with Pine Nuts...more

Beth Aldrich's Real Moms' Strategy: Love Food & Lose Weight!

Is it possible to eat the food you like while still making healthy choices? Beth Aldrich of Real Moms Love To Eat believes it’s not only possible, but can become a way of life! Her new book on the subject, officially released today, presents her upbeat and sane approach to recalibrating your food intake, even if you’re juggling a busy, on-the-go life....more
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Roasted summer vegetable quinoa

Our garden finally decided to be a garden and grow a couple of tomatoes and zucchini. This summer was a bit cooler than usual, so the rest of my stuff (peppers, herbs, artichokes) didn't really take off. But, the other day, I had a good handful of happy stuff and while savoring the wonderfully fresh smell of my collection, I had an idea.Roasted vegetable quinoa...more

How to Roast a Tomato + 8 Ingredients to Inspire Your Creation!

Today, I'm passing along a ...more

Quick and Easy Vietnamese Spring Rolls, "Goi Cuon"

Vietnamese spring rolls (goi cuon) are one of my all-time favorite foods. I've never successfully gone to a Vietnamese restaurant without ordering spring rolls as an appetizer....more
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