Healthy Hair Growth With The Retain Your Mane Hair Challenge

I'm on the quest to healthier hair! Starting in January, I’ll be participating in Trials N Tresses’ Retain Your Main Hair Challenge. ...more
Your curls are gorgeous! I cut my hair short recently and noticed that my hair is dry. Maybe ...more


Hola lindas!! Today’s post is for my naturalistas with the 3c/4a/4b/4c hair types. I have 3c/4a hair texture and I am always experimenting with various products to ensure that my natural styles are ALWAYS serving “sista girl realness”. I am a huge fan of the Shea Moisture product line. I was excited when I found the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil set of products and of course, I bought them and was giddy with delight to try them....more

How to Have Beautiful, Healthy Hair

In order to achieve having beautiful, healthy hair on...more

Promoting Beautiful Hair Through the Right Hair Solutions

Hair products are evolving each year. They are also very plentiful. You walk to your favorite beauty supply store, and you see tons of hair products. But from time to time, you may end up finding a new hair product you haven’t heard of yet. However, they’re being promoted heavily through poster displays and brochures....more

Promote Healthy Hair: the Eco-Friendly Way

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Introduction to BlogHer- Healthy Hair Aficionados Unite!

     If you're reading this, thanks for sharing your time with me. I'm Lei, and I'm passionate about healthy hair. I titled my Blog "Our Tiaras" because I want to revisit a movement that many have been vocal about and visible with: loving our hair. I am an African-American woman, but this blog is designed to transcend that. Healthy hair is something that any woman can appreciate, regardless of the social construct that we call race....more
I love this blog and I will have lots to share!! I like that you have a journal. I never really ...more

5 (Skin & Hair) Beauty Tips From My Grandma

My grandmother was a wise woman. Her name was Eva. She only achieved a 4th grade education and rarely left the corners of her own home but she could cook the most magnificent Caribbean dishes you would ever hope to taste and had a wealth of knowledge about home[opatic] remedies that rivaled any wellness expert today. ...more

Causes and Treatment of Split Ends

Split ends of the hair shaft are a result of damage to the cuticle layer. The cuticle layer is the protective layer of the hair. It consists of overlapping cells much like shingles on a house and protects the cortex (the second layer of the hair) and the medulla (the marrow of the hair). Depending on how well the overlapping cells are woven determines your hair porosity (how porous your hair is). Now that we understand the hair's structure, let's take a look at why we get split ends. For the most part, split ends occur .......more

Great Hair After 40

Great Hair After 40 Being blessed with great hair has tainted my memory of ever having bad hair days, or ever recalling loosing hair. For many of us great hair days can be a huge confidence boost. Let’s face it, when the hair is in tact it saves us time and makes us look sassy. Yes, we have all heard by now that we naturally loose hair as we age, yet this is something I am not ready to embrace. ...more