Swimming and Yoga for a Healthy Heart - Martec Lifecare Defibrillators

Cardiovascular health has been proven to dramatically improve when an individual undertakes aerobic activities. Your heart requires exercise and for the duration of the event, the heart will be pumping at an increased amount as blood flows around your body.  Therefore, your heart will get a great workout and be less likely to malfunction in the future....more

Got Milk? The Health Benefits of Almond Milk

We've all heard the saying "milk does a body good" but would you believe me if I told you that almond milk could even better than the diary kind? If you haven't enjoyed a refreshing glass, you're really missing out. The basic blend is made from finely ground almonds mixed with water. It's not hard to find, most super markets carry a healthy variety. Before you turn up your nose at the thought, read on and see if you don’t see a few good reasons to give it a try....more

The day I saw my dad cry

It’s only happened a few times.  That I’ve seen.When his mom died, his dad, our sweet golden retriever Cookie, and my wedding day.And I quote his Father of the Bride speech, “I didn’t lose a daughter that day…I gained a bathroom.”  But his jokes didn’t fool me.  I saw his eyes when we had our dance.  For the 3 seconds I could handle looking before my heart was a puddle of mush on the floor.  Geeze, Dad, don’t cry.  I paid good money for this makeup job.  Or, wait.  Maybe it was your money....more

Week 4: Flexibility Training

This post is the fourth in BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness series.  To start from week one, click here.  Our first 2 workouts can be found here and here....more

Becoming the Best ME Ever!

Hello again friends. Part two to my series with Blogher and Best Buy will be once a week journal entries for the Inspiration to Fitness program, where I will talk about my progress and goals and how much I love/hate all the exercising I have been doing. Once again...it will be ALL me and my opinions and my very own thoughts and feelings on it all.  If you have any questions, send me an email I will do my best to help....more
I really like this idea of journaling your fitness experiences! :) And not just putting all the ...more

A New Year, A New Me!

I know, this is a crafting blog. And an idea blog. And a very occasional recipe blog. But sometimes I blog about our little life. And what's currently taking up the most space in my thoughts....more

Back on Track to a Healthy Life

In December, BlogHer approached me about doing a New Year, New You initiative with Best Buy and participating in the Inspiration to Fitness program. I was in the midst of scarfing down treats from the neighbors, white fudge oreos, and coconut almond chex mix. I hadn’t exercised in at least 3 weeks. My first thought was that you’ve got the wrong girl. I’m not a fitness girl, gym girl, or count every calorie, always order a salad when we go out to eat girl. Not even close....more

Heart Health in Motion: Intensity

Before you get started with your new Inspiration to Fitness program, it is important to learn how to track your exercise intensity.  You want to be sure that you are exercising hard enough to see results, but not so hard that you are putting yourself at risk of injury. There are three ways to measure exercise intensity, and it is important to use all of them together....more
Great post.  This would be a great lesson for the Newbies on my NoSkinnies.com blog.  I have a ...more

Getting Your Heart Health on Track

Hello and welcome to the Inspiration to Fitness program!  My name is Alysa Bajenaru, I am a personal trainer and registered dietitian, and I am going to be your fitness expert for the Heart Health track of this 8-week program.   Through my blog Inspired RD, I seek to challenge you to live a life of inspiration.  Whether that is from learning how to cook for your family, getting a jumpstart on a new fitness routine, or even trying out a new craft, inspiration is everywhere....more