Realistic Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

There is a TON of advice about staying fit, eating healthy, and not gaining 26 pounds during the holiday season....more
What are your healthy holiday tricks?!more

10 Simple Ways To Keep Your Diet On Track This Holiday Season by Alli Sands

Day 28.  I saw this post on CBS Detroit and had to share.  ...more

Jalapeno-Ginger Butternut Squash Soup

Hi everyone!If you’ve never tried butternut squash before, now’s the time!  I was recently given an awesome recipe, courtesy of the National Dairy Council who sponsored the last Dallas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meeting. We had several local dietitians talk about the importance of dairy, what happens when we exclude it, and suggestions for substitutes if you’re lactose intolerant....more

Counting Down the Holidays with More Stay Slim FIT Tips

Only 22 days left until January 1st!  Where are you in your Holiday Challenge to MOVE? Are you doing the holiday hustle burning calories where you can, making smart choices when it comes to treating yourself and keeping stress levels in check? Or have you released your plan to exercise this season and let everything loose, including your sweet tooth and your belt?...more

Cast Iron Holiday Cookware

This week is Hanukkah, so I’m going through my kitchen making sure I have everything I need for a Hanukkah dinner. I open the drawer looking for a cast iron pan– the one I use to fry latkes in, and I remember Nanny (my first husband’s grandmother) and  her cast iron skillet....more

10 Best Gift Ideas to Promote a Healthy and Thriving Life (Online gift-buying that won't break your budget)

It's that time of year again, December is here, and now (for those of us that didn't start shopping early), it's time to find the perfect gifts for the ones we love.  Are you interested in choosing gift for your loved ones this year that will increase their level of wellness and vitality?  What if you could buy for someone you love the gift of Health, or the gift of a thriving life?   Wouldn't that be great? ...more

Looking to Make Something NEW this Holiday Season?—Make a MOVE

Let’s see…what’s the biggest PROBLEM with the holidays? Is it the stress of all the gatherings? That we spend too much money with the endless shopping list? Is it the traveling from place to place that dampens our spirit? Or…wait….perhaps it is the guilty holiday hangover we have once the New Year comes around!...more

Holiday Conflict Survival Guide

My son and business partner wrote this blog.  I loved it so much I wanted to share it on here....more

Think Eco-Friendly Wine for the Holidays & the New Year

Sustainability embodies two fundamentals: borrow from the Earth and preserve it for future generations. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, here’s some advice about eco-friendly wines for the holidays and after. There's nothing festive about sipping sulfites and pesticides and we all know they’re there in our favorite regular wines. As a health conscious wine lover, I’m delighted that more high quality and great tasting organic wines are coming on the market so I’m beginning to add organic wines to my personal wine cellar....more