The School Cafeteria: A Kid's Point of View

Well, I must be doing something right.  My 9 year old daughter eats really well, makes good choices even without me, is growing to love cooking, and generally has a good awareness of how the right food nourishes our bodies.   ...more

Help Kids Keep Weight Off Early in Life

Help your kids stay healthy by keeping weight off early in life.  Here are a few tips that might help with their well-being, both physically and mentally:...more

Coping With Picky Eaters

During our summer vacation this year as we visited friends and family around the country, the topic of picky eaters was constantly at the top of concern and frustration for several parents. Some commented that their child had only 6 items on the ‘approved list’ (but of course candy and sweets had their own category) and other parents recalled when their child ate the same item for all three daily meals which lasted for several months. At least in her case, the little boy chose oatmeal so it was a healthy item she could live with until he decided to add more variety....more

Exercise For Kids In A Rainy Day World

I live in the Pacific Northwest. We, of course, are known for our notorious Fall and Winter rainfall. September and October this year were beautiful, with record breaking temperatures and historically low levels of rainfall. We are making up for it in November. Day after day, it's been nothing but rain. And I am not talking the occasional sprinkle or light shower. That cold, beating rain that comes with wind occasionally....more
go on an outdoor picnicmore

Berkeley Schools: A Sustainable Food Model

Imagine a school that serves up healthy cafeteria food sourced by local farms, respects the environment, supports garden and cooking education in the classroom, and makes a positive difference in the community....more

What The Fudge!?! Overweight Flight Attendants aren't Fuel Efficient?

Low budget European airline Ryanair has caused something of a controversy by telling its female flight attendants (nothing suggested for the men) that it might be a good idea to lose some weight.

In a Pickle? Spillproof Your Kitchen

Want a kitchen with less mess?Read more!

What The Fudge!?! Liposuction for Gradeschoolers?

Mother from the UK gives 7-year old voucher for liposuction for Christmas (for her recent birthday, she got a voucher for breast implants).Read more:

Slice, Dice and Everything Nice

Chop the herbs. Mince the garlic. Dice the tomato. Slice the onion. Aren’t these all just fancy ways of saying “cut the ingredients into pieces?” Technically they are all ways to cut things, but there are several important differences we’ll discuss.Read More: