6 tips for healthy lifestyle

Good Health is one of most essential element for living great life without any problems for long,but drenched in our work so much with our mind heading in all direction to seek out some creative ideas for getting best work done in less time ,we forget about getting proper diet, going to gym etc to keep our body fit and fine ,that’s the one of the main reason which provoked me to come up with some of the key components of one’s life which you can inculcate in your life without doing much effort to make your lifestyle bet...more

Want to Stay Young? Get Busy!

I’m endlessly fascinated by children in airports. As I sit, waiting patiently (sort of) at the gate for my flight, I watch children – in particular the 3 to 5 year olds – run, stumble, and climb over, through, and around anything stationary: people, suitcases, seats, recycling bins. They won’t sit still for more than a second. I’m exhausted just watching them, and in complete admiration of the parents who chase, snag, grab, clutch, hug, feed, and amuse their squirming, happy, perpetually-in-motion kids. ...more

Korean Sweet Potato Fries and Madras Lentils Lettuce Wraps

That’s a mouthfulOK, so I go through phases where I just don’t want meat on my plate. I’m not a vegetarian. I truly don’t want to eat meat everyday. This past weekend we had a barbecue and there was a lot of meat served. So on Sunday I made my declaration that the week would be filled with vegetarian meals. I kept good on that promise as evidenced below. ...more

How to Stop Sugar Cravings

 In the day and age we live in, we are addicted to sugar, and many are looking how to stop sugar cravings. Many studies have now shown that sugar lights up the same areas of the brain as cocaine does....more

Lightened-Up Salmorejo (Andalusian Gazpacho)

Salmorejo, Gazpacho’s creamier, better and oh-so-much-yummier second cousin. Once you try it, you will never make gazpacho again. That’s a promise....more

Red Lentil Coated Cod with Tri-Color Quinoa and Veg

So I scored some dried limes today.  I didn't now how to use them so I "googled it".  So apparently it's a staple in the middle east.  I tried looking up some recipes that contained them in it, but was unsuccessful.  I did find out, however, that you may either use them whole in a soup or grind them into a powder and use as a seasoning.  The smell is weird, but it taste like a funky citrus (more citrus than funky).  I tried it out on this recipe, but it didn't work out so good.  So back to the drawing board on that one....more

4 Ingredient Granola Bars

Sweet, chewy, and just enough crumble. These granola bars can be put together lickity split and are oh so tasty....more

3 Ways to Stay Fit During Your Miami Vacation

There's an old saying that states "when in Miami, do as the Miamians do." Ok, so maybe I stole that from the Romans, but I’m pretty sure that they'd be alright with me appropriating the spirit of their motto. Nowhere in the USA is looking good while celebrating and relaxing more important than in Miami. This shouldn't be a struggle though, as there are many ways to work working out into part of your vacation routine. Today I've gathered three great ways to help you stay fit while vacationing in Miami....more

Tips On Being a Healthier You

Humans are wonderful creatures, capable of learning and discovering and growing, yet we still are always looking for that “quick fix”.  With everything.  Ok, I realize as a whole we are all pretty busy, but is that a reason for excuses and shortcuts?  Particularly when it comes to our health.  If being healthy is so important to us, why are we always looking for a quick fix?...more