4 Ingredient Granola Bars

Sweet, chewy, and just enough crumble. These granola bars can be put together lickity split and are oh so tasty....more

3 Ways to Stay Fit During Your Miami Vacation

There's an old saying that states "when in Miami, do as the Miamians do." Ok, so maybe I stole that from the Romans, but I’m pretty sure that they'd be alright with me appropriating the spirit of their motto. Nowhere in the USA is looking good while celebrating and relaxing more important than in Miami. This shouldn't be a struggle though, as there are many ways to work working out into part of your vacation routine. Today I've gathered three great ways to help you stay fit while vacationing in Miami....more

Tips On Being a Healthier You

Humans are wonderful creatures, capable of learning and discovering and growing, yet we still are always looking for that “quick fix”.  With everything.  Ok, I realize as a whole we are all pretty busy, but is that a reason for excuses and shortcuts?  Particularly when it comes to our health.  If being healthy is so important to us, why are we always looking for a quick fix?...more

Juicing for your Health

As someone who has always been into athletic pursuits, such as triathlons, lifting weights, kickboxing, swimming, etc., I’ve always been into “juicing.” No, I don’t mean steroids, I mean juicing–literally....more

Stay On Track While Dining Out

Living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging when your trying to balance out work, family and your social life. Eating out is a big wall that many people hit when trying to balance all of these different aspects of your life, but don’t stress because you can still dine out and stay on track! Looking at the menu can be an overwhelming experience, but you have to rewire your brain to look at those unhealthy options and be able to make substitutions to make them a healthier version....more

Living Light: Lessons of Less

I don't know what inspired me to do it. Was it something momentous that helped make the decision? A moment of frustration? Pulling my scalp in anguish that somehow sparked the pulling of an idea out of my mind? Last fall, I remember twirling a strand around my finger one day, all silky and perfectly hombred, and just knowing, without emotion or dramatic declaration: this has to go. I need to cut my hair. ...more

Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine Progression

I was approached by one of the best fitness, nutrition and competition coaches in the area, Michelle Johnson. Not only is Michelle a genius when it comes to body transformation but she is also a wonderful person. We had four weeks to get me in shape for a Muscle and Fitness Shoot.  I never competed before and I would be standing next to three beautiful women that were fitness models, body builders and IFBB Pro Card holders. Needless to say I had to kick my butt in gear. ...more

Making a Lifestyle Change

Meal Prep:Turkey Burgers

Dieting can be a tough task. You may pick up a magazine and say, “wow that person looks great,  I wish I could look like that.” Or, you may turn up your  nose and say “oh that is all Photoshop”. Of course there are many magazines that do go over and beyond what is reality. Here is an example of a person who was completely Photoshopped to the point that it didn’t even look like her....more

Filling Turkey Chili

When it is a rainy cold night,like tonight I crave a good warm and cozy dish. I love love love a good hearty bowl full warm Turkey Chili served with a side ofcornbread on these kinds of nights. My family really enjoys chili’s and soups and the great thing about them is their so quick and easy to make! Very high in protein....more