Is it hard to quit smoking? Is quitting easy? Day 19 NaBloPoMo

When it's all said and done, quitting smoking wasn't the hardest thing I ever did.Well, it wasn't easy either.It sure was one of the longest ... at least until I started writing books.Quitting smoking was probably the most aggravating thing I had ever done.I know I always figured I could try again later....more

Day 15 NaBloPoMo; Empty Fridge = Good Thing?

How on earth can an empty fridge equate to a good thing?It took a few times before I caught it, but I was standing there in front of a near empty fridge trying to plan our next meal the day before payday ... and it felt good that I didn't have to throw food out.WoW! About three payday's in a row, I bought what I needed and followed through with all my meal plans....more

Is Wanting To Be Beautiful Vain?

Audrey Hepburn said, “I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.” I truly believe this. Beauty that is skin deep isn’t true beauty at all. When we decide to work on ourselves, to smile more often, to embrace self-love and to treat our bodies with respect, we begin to glow. ...more
BlogHer So excited to have my article featured! Thank you!more

What makes you beautiful

Hello my fellas, I'd just like to say hello to each of you after so long time. It's been at least seven days when I recently wrote to you. And what's the reason? I'd like to share with you what veganism is able to do with yourself...including your body, your mind and your soul. I'm gonna share those amazing feelings. Keep reading :) ...more

Mommy Guilt: It’s an Industry

Recently, I forgot to send the registration form to the folks running a summer camp that I knew my oldest would love.  It’s now full so he’s out and I feel guilty. My middle child recently got a new bike, but I unknowingly bought one that is far too heavy and much too big for his slight frame. So, this summer he’ll learn to ride on a terrifyingly large bike. He probably won’t take to it and I feel guilty. ...more

Staying on Top of Life

As I'm trying to make a huge change in the way I'm living, and what I'm living for, I'm finding it hard to balance everything that seems to be happening all at once. Just as so many other 19 year old girls, I'm working a full-time job, going to school full-time, while still trying to make something of myself NOW. How do I stay sane? Heck if I know. But here are some of my tips (from experience) that might be relevant to your life as well....more

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Are you doing something you love?

How do you feel about your current position or role in life? Are you a student like me, eyes widening every single time you see the cost of books for the next semester? Do you feel unfulfilled at work or in classes that you have no interest in for your immediate future? Or do you constantly wonder, "What does this have to do with my life or future plans?" If you know what I am talking about, you may feel like you are wasting away doing things that do not truly matter to you. ...more

Diet Is A Four Letter Word

Weight loss through dieting alone is not easy. There are pitfalls at every turn. The best way to ensure that your program reaches the goals that you seek, you MUST combine clean eating and exercise. There are issues to be aware of that help keep you on track:...more

Diva in Rehab

Tracy Livingston Being a diva in rehab is a frightening experience but my surgery, new hip and almost a trip to the other side is one that brings reality into sharp focus. First while my crown has been tarnished at times it is off at this moment for the first time, and my inner soul is coming through.  It is just me,and my thoughts surrounded by those 40 years ahead of me, an uncomfortable experience for any 49 year old to be sure.  I call it a window to that cannot be driven away by Botox or creams, age will happen to us all no matter how much we will fight it....more