Diva in Rehab

Tracy Livingston Being a diva in rehab is a frightening experience but my surgery, new hip and almost a trip to the other side is one that brings reality into sharp focus. First while my crown has been tarnished at times it is off at this moment for the first time, and my inner soul is coming through.  It is just me,and my thoughts surrounded by those 40 years ahead of me, an uncomfortable experience for any 49 year old to be sure.  I call it a window to reality...one that cannot be driven away by Botox or creams, age will happen to us all no matter how much we will fight it....more

New to Blogging

 Hi I'm new to blogging but I'm finding it extremely interesting and challenging.  I have just started a blog, journaling my personal weight loss journey.  It is called "My Simply Delicious Weight Loss Adventure with Epicure Selections."  http://lindagauthierepicure.blogspot.ca/ ...more
Thanks Darcie, I appreciate the encouragement.  Until a few weeks ago I didn't even own a cell ...more

Can we fix the obesity epidemic?

While hunger is a huge issue, the irony is that obesity is at epidemic levels not only in the U.S. but also worldwide. The statistics are sobering and the health and economic costs of this epidemic are huge, as this PBS cheat-sheet reveals. In an update to their 2003 preventive healthcare recommendations, the U.S....more

Are you feeling picnickety?

It’s time to scratch that itch. Picnics have a long history and eating outdoors is plain fun, especially for those of us living in cold climes....more

Don't be a baby. Why not?

http://magnoliabeginnings.org/2012/07/26/dont-be-a-baby-why-not/       I think it’s time for me to be more child-like. I’m tired of being adult about everything. ...more

a healthy living must: summer csa


What is Eating?

http://candycrazedrun.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/what-is-eating/ ...more

I am Not Green Mommy

May 19th is Food Revolution Day


America, You Have A Choice!

Warning!  I'm about to step up on a very large soapbox.  I'm not writing this post to offend you, but to awaken you.  To evoke something in you so convincing that it moves you into action.  I want you to feel like you must do something; to create a drive in you so compelling that you can no longer sit there on your proverbial couch....telling yourself that you'll start tomorrow.  You know you need to start today. To start now.  But there's always a reason why you can't....more