How to Find the Perfect Diet

I love food. LOOOOOOOVE FOOD. And I like to believe that at almost 33 years old, I finally have a healthy relationship with it. But I didn't always....I'm a super active person (and always have been) but I never paid attention to the nutritional aspects of what I was eating until the past couple years....more

Passive House or Net Zero?

Net zero? Passive house?...more

Secrets of Longevity of the Oldest People in America

Oldest People In America, What Is Their Secret? Every day, the media provides the American public with opportunities to say, "Happy Birthday" to the oldest people in America. Some of these oldest Americans are more than 112 years old. These are known as "supercentenarians." For example, in 1999, Sarah Knauss died at the age of 119 years and 97 days; she is the oldest lived American in history according to the Guinness Book of World Records for that year. ...more

Why We Should All Be Drinking More Water This Winter

Now that winter is in full swing you might find that your skin is beginning to suffer, central heating and chilly temperatures aren’t exactly the recipe for a healthy glow after all. I know that my skin always begins to feel dry and tight around this time of the year so plenty of moisturiser is necessary. Another necessity for healthy skincare throughout the winter months? Water! Just because it isn’t summer anymore doesn’t mean you should abuse your water intake....more

The year about me

I’ve spent a lot of energy not being in pictures with my girls.Now that I’ve been taking care of myself I still hesitate, but then I see this, me and them! And in me I see results of my healthy living over this year! I took back my life this year and in a slow and steady way.I am proud of this picture! and hey look at my arms!...more

4 Undeniable Benefits of Pilates Exercises

Having a good exercising habit is something that many people aren’t able to do. Although they know the importance of being active and exercise on a daily basis, they’re still struggling to keep up with a commitment as such. It’s where Pilates exercises come in play....more

Finding Beauty in the Struggle

VIAI think the struggle started in Jr. High....more

11 Totally BS Things Life is Way Too Short For

Life is too short! Especially for these 11 common worries that just aren’t worth your energy. This is about to make you instantly feel better... Drop these worries and start putting your care and intention toward things that actually MATTER. ...more

Want to be Happier? Live by These 4 Rules

I bet you cringe at this sentence: “You deserve to be happy.” The idea feels selfish, demanding, too self-centered to utter out loud. “You deserve to be happy.”...more

Empowering Language to Use When Talking About 'Positive Body Image'

An astounding 90% of girls age 15-17 want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance, with weight being their highest priority. Even worse, that number actually raises once girls become women; 91% percent of women are unhappy with their bodies. So if you call under that category, you’re not alone....more