A Much “Kneeded” Post

I know this blog is supposed to be about my rescued dogs and my chronic illness, but it seems like every week it gets more and more about my dogs. I guess you all can guess who runs our house. (Hint: It’s not me or Adam.)Status Update & SoccerMy knees have been doing really well. I joined a soccer team two weeks ago and I’m so happy about it. Although, I can’t remember ever using so many muscles in soccer. Two days after my first game, my abs, arms, legs, and arms all hurt in muscles I didn’t even remember I had....more

My Weight Loss Progress: When Life Has Other Plans

So, remember when I said that December was going to be big for me? Well, that rang true, but unfortunately not in ways that I expected. On December 1, my closest uncle passed away....more

8 Toxic Thoughts to Let Go of & What To Replace Them With

Realize that nothing in the world can provide you with peace and happiness.-Swami ParthasarathyBeing the romantic that I am, I often like to think about going back and giving my younger self some kind of advice, some little bite of wisdom that might change the past. For instance but not limited to: "that guy is going to turn out to be a total loser" or "black pleather pants will look really silly in your school picture."...more
I think we can all relate to some of these - 3 for me - and it is nice to get some insight on ...more

From the Notes of a Crunchy-Curious Mom

I recently learned a few things that are trending in the Green Moms world....more

11 Habits of Happy, Self-Loving Women

*Originally featured on HerAfter.com. To see the full series of 11 Habits of Happy, Self-Loving Women, click here.*...more

How to Get Past Fear and Embrace Change

Oh to get past fear, one of the most uncomfortable things we can do. As I announced on Twitter, I recently moved my blog HerAfter.com out of New York City for a few work projects. Though, it might be more appropriate to say that we're always traveling, always moving to where our hearts, and thus our work takes us. Like birds, holding on to a home only temporarily until the earth calls us onward, whether for season's or safety's sake. There is certainly a peacefulness to be found in transience....more

Winter Wellness

Let's be honest. Fitness kind of falls by the wayside during those winter months. You can hide those cookies by wearing a big sweater. Everyone's favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte can be hidden by a down jacket and scarf. It's colder, the roads are more slippery, the fireplace is so cozy and the hot chocolate is so warm.  ...more

Everyday poetry: ingredients that measure themselves

 It's an odd thing to boast about, but I have a freakish ability to make my morning shake without measuring ingredients and getting it just right anyway. I put one banana, some rice, some white beans, some frozen berry and some almond or coconut or cashew milk then process and pour and look what happens. Filled up just right. It's not a very useful talent, but I like it anyway....more

June Miles

127.84 miles in June for me!more

Ayurveda for your Health

Along with traditional medicine, there are some less known treatments that's been around for a while back in my country. I know here we do believe in no medication approach especially for the kids as a way to boost up their immune system. Giving medication to non serious issues like cold or sore throat is said to weaken their delicate immunity which is still building up in them....more