Healthy Homemade Berry Popsicles

Summer is here, the season to turn down the stove and instead, enjoy some cool, tasty treats to cool down.  Treats do not have to be unhealthy, however, for them to be delicious. A classic treat to enjoy during this hot weather are popsicles.   Try this sweet, tasty treat made from all natural ingredients that can refresh you without the guilt!...more

Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle #ChobaniKids Project

Once I had children, I knew that I had to pay more attention to eating and living healthier.  I also knew that a healthy lifestyle began at home but that may not always be easy when our lives get busy.  Eating unhealthy meals or snacks can become a convenience or we give in to that sweet tooth every now and then!  It should be a priority to eat healthy, however and I try to practice that with my children on a regular basis.  I want to encourage other families to do so, too....more



Raw Food Diaries #2

I have been loving eating "raw food" lately. I still eat the same food I have in the past except for a meal or two a day, I eat very healthy. This usually means using my juicer in the mornings, soup or salad or leftovers for lunch, and a "raw" meal for dinner or just a regular healthy dinner (chicken and veggies for example)....more

Everyone needs a Best Foodie Friend

Learning how to shop for high quality food while trying to maintain a reasonable family budget can be a daunting task.  Finding time to prepare good food while juggling the other responsibilities of motherhood can be a challenging enterprise. ...more

Raw Food Diaries

 I have an unhealthy obsession with s'mores. To be honest, I have had unhealthy obsessions with food for the majority of my life. In high school, I ate one or maybe two meals a day (usually one). In college, I took that unhealthy eating to a level way beyond that....more

Weekly Wellness Challenge: Prioritize Yourself.

Now that we have had time to recover from holidays and long weekends, regular schedules have settled in and we are chugging along week by week. I feel like I have set out my schedule for the next six months or so and it is already packed! Trips here and there, social plans, meetings, and appointments have all filled my calendar and now I’m planning out through the end of the year!...more

New year, new outlook

This new year is kind of a big deal for me. I’m glad to see 2014 fade away as it had more challenges in my personal life than I preferred. So I have expectations and hopes that 2015 will be filled with more happiness, less stress, less tears and more fun....more

Mom Knew Best - Liver and Onions - Ew!!!

Practice #2 Eating Naturally – not from boxes ...more

Beginner's Guide to Calories and Fitness

Trying to figure out why you aren’t losing weight, or getting the results you want from your fitness routine can be frustrating.  Or even if you’re new to this stuff and just don’t know where to start, sometimes just giving up can seem like the easiest way to deal with it all.  It’s all really not that complicated, it just takes a little effort, some research, and some serious determination....more