Which bad habit would you like to break? Spending too much time on the internet, smoking, over-eating, excessive drinking, spending too much, or gambling? Bad habits form as a reaction to stressful live events and once established, they can be difficult to break. Here are some common sense solutions to help you get to the root of the problem. Identify what triggers your habit. Are you constantly stressed, over-scheduled and on edge? Bad habits often make their appearance during troubling times....more

The 5 Rules for Meal Planning Like a Boss*

Julia Costa, New York City  I have a sad story to share. The year was 2011 and I had recently moved to New York City. I was working like a crazy person in a job I loved and moonlighting as a weekend nanny yet I would cringe whenever the end of the month rolled around. I remember combing through my bill one month and thinking it read like a broken record: Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, Chipotle, Cafe Metro, Hale & Hearty, Tasti-D-Lite. Rinse and repeat. "Can a person go broke spending $10 at a time?" I wondered....more

The WORST Gift Ever!

I think of my birthday as a national holiday. As such I believe that the gifts I receive should be worthy of such an occasion!  A few years back, like at least eight or nine, I received what I thought was the worst gift ever! My dad, thinking he would give me something I needed, gave me a blender for my birthday! A BLENDER!!! I have to say, at the time I could not hide my disappointment. It wasn't like it was one of those fancy blenders they make now it was a run of the mill, everyday blender......more

How I Spent 146.35 Hours This Year

Hi everyone!Last year around this time, I was really struggling to make a commitment to exercising on a regular basis. I would occasionally go to a yoga class or go for a run through the neighborhood, but I never had a set routine. I would average maybe one hour per week, and I knew I needed to improve. My goal was to make it a habit....more
@Renee Quick-Chapman Thanks! :) Keeping a record of exercise can help you realize how far you've ...more

Running 101 Part 2

Have you made the leap and started to run? The first steps are always the hardest and most scary, once you take those, you are home free. Last post we discussed all the necessary components of getting ready for and going on your first run. This post we will discuss a few other factors to consider while on your run.Form:...more

Running 101 Part 1

Running is such a wonderful way to get exercise, but it isn’t always easy to take the first step. I wanted to take some time to share how you can start running and find your happy pace. If you are not currently a runner, think of this as your “Running 101″ course. And, if you are already a runner, think of this as a refresher course.1) Why Run?...more

The Power of Positivity

The Power of PositivityPosted on September 17, 2013Over the past few days, we have been given wonderful support from family, friends, and followers. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and given us a boost....more

The Stars Aligned

The message read, “Triple D (A walk in the park) or Astrid & Israh. Pizza & beer on me! Gail from California. We are in loop E, space 55....more

Creative Ways to Add Health to Summer

Happy hump day! This week is flying by and I am loving it. This coming Sunday, (August 4th) is our first wedding anniversary! It is amazing how fast the time has gone this year and I look am looking forward to many more. As summer starts to wind down, we are trying to get every last ounce of fun and sun before the weather changes. Soon enough it is going to be getting cold outside and I'm going to have to dig my crock pot out of the cabinet. Before I start pulling out my winter clothes I wanted to share a list of fun ideas to add some health to the rest of summer....more