Tips for Mindful Eating

Being more mindful of your food not only heightens your enjoyment of food, but it can help you manage your daily calorie intake....more

I'm lovin' my ass

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my ass for 39 years (the first ten years, I only paid attention if it was covered with shorts under my dress as I swung around the monkey bars). The Green family is known for their butts and hands. Every time a new baby boy is born we are marveling over his huge mitts, “Uh-huh, just like grandpa’s....more

Protect Your Peepers! Prevention and Detection of 4 Common Eye Problems

The four most common age-related eye conditions are cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. These four issues cause vision impairment and blindness in aging adults more than any other eye issues.  It is critical to have regular screenings to preserve your eye sight, especially if you are a high-risk candidate....more

Be Strong to the Finish- Eat Your Spinach!

Green Foods can help you reach your weight loss goals.  Eating 5 cups raw greens or 2 ½ cups cooked green vegetables keeps your metabolism in fat-burning mode and helps your systems cleanse your body of toxins....more

My Favorite Weight Loss Tips: Part II

Here are the remainder of my favorite tips for weight loss.  The 15 steps from yesterday and the additional 15 from today will help you kick start healthy changes to your lifestyle....more

Why Weight Loss Gets Harder As You Get Smaller

There is a scene in the movie Dogma where a character likens faith to a glass of water, saying that as a child, you have a small glass and it doesn't take that much water (ie: faith) to fill it up. As we grow up, the glass gets bigger and the same amount of faith we had as kids isn't enough anymore....more

Taking Control of Your Medical Bills

When you receive health care coverage summaries from your insurance company or from a hospital after a procedure, it is very important to stay on top of your bills and organize your own test results. You are your best advocate when you interact with the medical world....more

Lunge and Squat Your Way to a Better Body

Exercising abs and legs on the same day is an effective way to create lean, strong muscles and to protect your back by strengthening the zone that re-enforces your spine....more

Plan A Meatless Monday!

The New year is the perfect time to go meatless at least 1 day per week!  With an abundance of hearty, delicious vegetables available, and weather that calls for a lighter menu, try to integrate at least 1 meatless meal per week into your plans....more

Importance of Keeping a Food Diary (Free Printout!)

The use of a food diary can be very effective for keeping your weight goals on target, but many people are hesitant about acting on this idea.I’ve been told, it will be ‘too much work’ or ‘they don’t know where to get one’, or ‘they’re too embarrassed to carry and utilize one in front of others’....more