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Do you ever feel like you are doing and going and doing and going and doing and going and on and on and on…. I found myself at that place a few months ago. I had actually been living in that place for years but I just FOUNDmyself in that place a few months ago. We get so busy doing and going that we can lose track of ourselves and we become a robot to our schedule. Here was the challenging part for me… the stuff that I was doing and the places that I was going were all ministry related.. so that makes them a good thing than right???? My thinking was very, very wrong in this....more

Thinking About Taking a Wife Strike--Not a Hall Pass!--but a Wife Strike?

Taking a Wife Strike is about taking back--one by one until you have reached a whole--slices of pie that you gave away. I'll come back later to this in more detail. For now, give me about 5 minutes of your time, sit back, and endulge in what a Wife Strike can do for you. Put on your reading glasses, grab a glass of wine, sit in your corner couch, and here we go:     Wet Jeans: Scenario of a Wife on Strike Drastic Measure...more
@Audrey Humaciu Yes you're right, your son would not get it if you took a Mom Strike, lol! I ...more

I actually don't think about weight loss, ever

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I do not know what has been up lately. I do not sleep all night long, I smoke, I clean, internet, tv. The list goes on and on. Oh yes and I eat and cant stop. My life seems to be going to crap and I need to stop it. I cry and hurt and I am tired of it. When will it be my turn to be happy....more

Think positive

      Hy everyone. Now I'm going to tell you something, that you might heard already before, but maybe you didn't took it too seriously. The key word is to think positive! I've heard about thins stuff too, and didn't made feel interested, because I'm naturally a kind person, but if I'm not controlling my mind, it might control me after a while. A while, I mean, after some tragedies, or many problems. What you are going to read here are absolutely about my own experiences and not other peoples's words. ...more

Happiness Factors into Fitness

Your health and longevity—not to mention your quality of life—are linked to HAPPINESS. As fitness professionals we focus on physical health thru exercise and nutrition. But as wellness professionals, we have a broader responsibility to share with you how your attitude, management of stress and your core values truly impact your health....more

Why Women Love Healthy Competition

When it comes to being a mother, competition is almost instinctual. Whether we're at the park, a restaurant, the store, or another mother's house, we judge everything from how their children act to the condition of the home.  Why Do Women Compete? Image via Flickr by infomatique ...more

Why women past 50 let themselves go?

I always wonder why women past 50 start to let themselves go? I know it becomes more difficult to keep your body in shape; but as you get older it is more important to exercise and eat better than you ever did before. Your body is like a vehicle; it needs to run well to get you around. Well your body needs to be in good health to get you going in life. More importantly, you have to stay positive and get all negativity out of your head.  Feeling good about yourself first comes from within. You have to like who you are and what direction you are going in your life....more

Sex, Drugs & Jane Fonda

You’re on the phone reporting, what is nowadays referred to as a “bullying incident,” at your kid’s camp, and forget the offending rat’s name. In mid-sentence....more