The biggest excuse or barrier to eating healthy that I hear from clients is that they "don't have time." We all have the same amount of hours in a day, so I counter this excuse. It doesn't take hours to put a balanced plate together.  On the way home from work, I’m usually brainstorming dishes I can just mesh together in 20-30 minutes – starring a lean protein, complex carbohydrate, and healthy fats....more

Dinner in 20 Minutes & One Pan! Healthy & Delicious!

This meal is not only delicious, it is easy, fast, and healthy! What more is there to ask for? Oh yes, very little clean up! How about everything made in one pan and under 20 minutes? Yes, it is possible…...more

Thrive Chicken Curry in a Hurry

Need dinner in less than 30 minutes? Try this one, you won’t be disappointed. If you like chicken curry, this quick meal will leave you wanting more. A little spicy with flavors of pineapple and red pepper, it’s delightful! I love curry and could eat it every day! Well, a few times a week for sure....more

Stuffed Veal Cutlets with Roasted Winter Squash

 This is one of my favorite fall meals because it is quick, easy and all the ingredients are readily available this time of year at the farmers market. Most of all, I enjoy experimenting with all the different types of wonder artisan and farmstead cheeses and charcuterie. Or try switching out the spinach for something a little tangier like fall mustard greens....more

Doesn't need to be gourmet

This is my latest post on my blog. Yes, I like food.  I love experimenting with recipes and I actually like to cook… most of the time.  Sometimes, I just am too tired, too uninspired or just too busy to get all creative and put out a fabulous meal.  But, when we’re at home I do try to put out a healthy meal.  Last night my eldest was playing clarinet in his school band concert, so we had limited time.   I served a rotisserie chicken I purchased hot at my local supermarket; served it with a big but plain salad and string beans.  The kids get enough carbs so I skipped any starch.  (I could’ve just heated up a bag of frozen brown rice but I just didn’t feel like it.)If you aren’t a great cook or not really in the mood to cook, but want to get away from the boxed meals...more