What’s in your Fall Pantry?

Fall is here. With the change in season, so too, come changes with food. There are certain foods that are reminiscent of this time of year and they bring us warmth and comfort as we start to “bundle up” on evenings because of the chill in the air.  Some of these foods, such as pumpkins, carrots and sweet potatoes, bring comfort home in a way that is so inviting.  What about scrumptiously delicious pumpkin bread that warms you through and through, sounds good on a cool night, right? This is a perfect bread to make, especially now that pumpkins are in season....more
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Meatless Mondays: Quinoa 'burgers' with portabella mushroom 'buns'

I think quinoa just might be the healthiest grain on the planet. You see, without boring you with all the scientific details,  it’s a complete protein.  And for a grain, that’s saying something.  You see the only other complete proteins – meaning food with all eight essential amino acids for human health – are meats.  But they come with a lot of baggage.  Quinoa comes without baggage, and actually brings much more to the table o’ health....more

Celebrating One Year of Blogging & 150 recipes!

Just one year ago it seemed like a good idea to start a blog. It didn't matter that I didn't know what a blog was. I figured I'd find out by starting one. I googled how to start a blog and jumped right in. Positive feedback fueled the fire, fanned the flames and sent me tumbling along from post to post. I was possessed, until I hit the 100 post mark and then I slowed down....more
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3 Summer Heart-Healthy Recipes with This Versatile Fruit

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Vegan 4th of July Recipes

It's time to break out the red, white and blue decorations, dust off the grill and party your swimsuit off! It's a time to celebrate summer but let's not forget that it's a time to party patriotic....more
Awesome ideas, definitely going to try the tomatoey potatoes and deviled "eggs". Very inventive!more

Vegan Father's Day Recipes

Summer time is synonymous with grillin' and chillin'. And who does that better than dad? This Father's Day, give him the day off from the flaming grill and serve him up a dad sized meal that's fit for a king! We've got a great menu below as well as recipes from 2011 and 2010 if you'd like to check those to mix and match your dad's day feast!Gingery Beer...more

What Popeye didn't know about spinach

The truth about spinach is the bitter green is downright great for you. Loads of iron, calcium, vitamin K (hard to come by in the winter), folate (for healthy babies) and to top it all off omega-3 fatty acids.  This you may know. But what isn’t common knowledge is the ingredient you need to eat with spinach in order to unlock its full nutritional potential.  And I doubt Popeye was getting any of the sort out of those cans....more

Bagel, Lox, Goat Cheese, and Roasted Vegetables

Giving birth is not a picnic, but it has its rewards. I didn't have cravings while pregnant, but just after bringing my daughter into the world, I wanted to celebrate with bagel, lox and cream cheese, from Beauties, of course. It's hard to improve on perfection, but tempting to come up with a new variation on the theme....more
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Skip the Fast Food Joints and Cook Family Pleasing Meals at Home


Comfort Food Made Healthy: Chicken and Dumpling Soup

My grandmother taught me many of the foods that I’ve made for my family over the years. The only thing is that when it came to grandma’s recipes, there really was no recipe. Her definition of a recipe was a handful of this, a pinch of that, cook for about this long, and you’re done....more
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