Healthy Snackin'

Summer eating is all about refreshing foods that are light and don't weigh you down! I created a list of my favorite summertime snacks, as well as Odette's favorites :) Hope you enjoy!...more

A Nutty Snack

This is a fun, easy and healthy snack to quickly throw together (that also prevents you from grabbing something less healthy at the local convenient store). I am a firm believer in keeping healthier snacks with you in your purse, car, etc.  When our choices are quick and convenient for us, it's makes it alot easier to stay on track in making better choices. Another great thing about his snack is your choices are unlimited...add or delete any ingredient you prefer....more

Healthy Snacks for the Snacky Family

I am a snacky person. It's the truth. I just get so dang hungry between meals. Yes, a piece of it is because I am nursing, but I always like to eat smaller meals and snacks in between. This is probably where Peys gets it....more

Going Bananas for After School Snacks

We just started our school year and the kids are getting used to the routine all over again.  They usually return home from school in slow motion, dragging their book bags behind them, red-faced from the heat.  ...more

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your comment.  Oooh, bananas gone bad!

If you don't have time ...more