Healthy snack idea: Cucumber boats with Greek yogurt & everything bagel seasoning

Ask anyone who knows me well and they’ll tell you that I loooove me some snacks!  If I have one dietary downfall, it’s snacking.  By a long shot....more

Yummy Energy Bars!!

 Back from vacation, and back to normal eating!  We just did a grocery run and stocked up on some of our healthy favorites!...more

No Bake Healthy PROTEIN Snack Balls

No Bake PROTEIN BALLS...a perfect treat! A couple of years ago I found a few different recipes on Pinterest for protein balls and healthy treat balls. Through the years, I've tweaked the recipes and created recipes that my family and I like.  Here is a very simple recipe and one of our favorites.  Protein balls can be customized and changed in so many different ways....more

Whole Wheat Pretzels

I am always looking for new, fun snacks for my kids.  It keeps it fun for them.  But I always want them to healthful, whole grain snacks, too.  I've seen a lot of pretzel recipes on Pinterest and similar sites.  Most of them are fairly standard recipes.  I wanted to find a way to make them healthier and higher in protein and fiber.  So, meet my version for Whole Wheat Pretzels below!  They turned out great and my kids devoured them....more

Tropical Granola Bars

Quick & Easy - NO Bake Banana, Nut Butter, Chocolate Granola Bars. Healthy snacks for folks on the go.

I want to share one of my favorite, newer recipes. I add chia and make this gluten free with the type of cereal flakes I incorporate. It's super quick and easy to make and it's a healthy go to for folks on the go and parents. Fast and easy snacks are a must for any parent or busy adult.  In these times, it's super important to have great nutrition especially a raw, non-bake recipe that is easily frozen with good, natural - balanced ingredients....more

Nothing Sweet For a Week

I am doing a challenge a week and this week in No sweets!...more

First Post! And Fruit Leathers.

This is my very first post on my very first blog ever! How exciting!Miss Girl will be starting school this week, so hopefully after that there will be lots of pictures of bento lunches. She loves them and I have a great time making them, so it's a win/win. At some point this fall/winter I will probably start making bento lunches for myself and also for Mr. Man, and then we'll have some pictures of not so cute adult obento. Can't wait!!...more
I don't EVEN want to hear it. Before I met you guys I'd never even heard of a cupcake carrier ...more