Stay Healthy While Blogging

As a writer I know from my past mistakes how easy it is to fall bad habits while trying to pursue a writing career. We get so involved in our writing that sometimes we fail to see that we haven’t eaten right, lack exercise and the only light we see is that glowing burn from our screens. Before you know it, you’ve packed on the pounds, turned an awful shade of pale, and walking to the bathroom leaves you out of breath.Set yourself up with some healthy habits and not only will your writing improve, but your body will thank you!...more

Finding the time for what really matters...

We've all been there -- working a 40-hr work week in addition to going to school -- how do you juggle them, make them work and eat well at the same time? I suppose everyone has there way of preparing, but the following tips are good ones to re-visit in case a sense of defeat starts to take its toll on your health....more

A Healthy Way to Detox

This time of the year it seems like everyone’s looking to feel a bit more refreshed to welcome in Spring and get rid of the chilly, brittle cold Winter. I’ve seen so many clients try to detox the wrong way- and it simply just doesn’t work. There’s no need to deprive yourself; detoxing is simple....more