6 Tips to Keep You Healthy and Happy at the BlogHer Conference

When you come home from the BlogHer conference, you will hopefully have a camera full of photographs, a pocket full of bloggie business cards, and a suitcase full of swag. But what you don't want to bring home is exhaustion, or even worse, a cold. Before you leave for BlogHer, check my list of things to bring with you or do while you're there in order to come home refreshed instead of drained. ...more
Denise Oh. Good reminder! I need to make sure I have hand sanitizer packed in my carry-on. ...more

Healthy Travel 101: Packing for success

Us folks with our allergies, special diets, and just an interest in eating healthy can be faced with some challenges when we journey away from our homes....more

8 Simple Healthy and Green Travel Tips

This is the year your going to do it, right? You’ve saved, you picked the place and you’ve even set a date. But you want to travel as green as possible as it will save you money while also being nice to mother nature. Well, here are a few easy tips t help you get to your exotic destination, the healthy and eco way!...more

10 Tips for Healthy Travels

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