Diet Soda Fruit Cobbler

Diet Soda Fruit Cobbler Here is an easy / healthier version of a fruit cobbler!  I made this for my hubby and I last night and we will definitely be making it again!...more

GUILT-FREE raw desserts: QUICK and EASY.

Feeling like something sweet again?I have a good news for you! You can have your favorite sweets, healthy, quick and easy AND you don't have to feel guilty about eating them!Just 2-3 ingredients and 5-10 minutes of preparation time!...more

Healthier Valentine's Day Treats for Class Parties

Many schools have started to implement wellness policies and no longer allow sweets to be shared at school.  While many people are in mourning over this decision, others rejoice.  After all, school IS a place for learning, which can be difficult to accomplish on a sugar high. ...more