A "Me Day"

Good Morning Bloggies Saturday Morning “ahhhhh” stretch, yawn, and stay put in that bed for a little while! Isn’t that the best? When you know you don’t have to jump right out of bed? Usually for me though, I have to. Phoebe jumps on my chest which is my clue meaning “mama I have to go potty”....more

Finally I am Going to Lose Those 10 Vanity Pounds

I am going to get my figure back by drinking water! After much research this seems to be the first most plausable step in the process of getting back to looking fabulous. The supermodles drink a gallon of water a day, how easy is that?????Am I fat? No.... but I went from a perfect size 2 to a bulging 6. Size 6 looks great on many women, but considering my boobs refuse to grow bigger than a "Nearly A" no matter what I weigh, I need to lose my tummy : )...more