Sushi gets really expensive, especially for my family. My daughter is a total nut job when it comes to the stuff and a quick sushi restaurant meal easily turns into a $50+ hit to my wallet. ...more

Perfectly Cooked Slow Cooker Brown Rice

See the original post at Pursuit of Healthy Happiness!...more

Lentil Quinoa Burgers with a Buffalo Dressing

I really like the way these burgers came out. It took some time to put this recipe together but that said it is now complete. They are full of healthy ingredients and do a good job of staying together which is a plus. ...more

Sunday Food Prep

Sunday Food PrepHere's what I prepped this week...Sauteed Chicken BreastSauteed Ono (Fish)Carrot SticksHomemade Protein Bars (Recipe coming soon)...more

Healthy Veggie Quesadillas, Santa Fe Style

Quesadillas are a favorite around our house.  I love this version.  It's healthy, fresh, full of veggies and protein and loaded with flavor.Quesadillas are so versatile and can be filled with just about anything....more
These look really Great!  I am definately going to give them a try, especially as I am missing ...more

Prime Rib

My mother and I have gotten into a cute routine on my days off; my son and I go to her house where we make dinner for my dad and Mike.  We made this prime rib and it was incredible.  Now, prime rib is expensive but this method would work great with my Perfect Roast Beef recipe (follow the cooking times there for a different cut of meat).  As always, letting the meat rest is crucial to a juicy roast.  I should point out that this would be a great recipe...more

Super Quick Yogurt and Granola Breakfast

Do you ever forget to eat breakfast? Sadly I have on occasion. I’m not sure how that happens but for one reason or another I go about my morning and don’t feel hungry but then all of a sudden hunger pangs and I’ve just realized that I missed my opportunity to start out my day healthy. Being ravenous never ends up with good food choices. ...more

Don't call it a DIET, call it a LIVE-IT! Here's 5 Rules to Follow.

The 5 New Live-it Rules: (Or, how to Live-it-Up ©!)...more