Grandma Angie's Recipe for the Best Guacamole Ever

Nothing goes better with a good taco or quesadilla than some awesome guac. Hubby's mom came over recently to teach me her recipe for a deliciously spicy quacamole that we ALL devoured. ...more
Isn't it great??  Even avocados alone.  I could eat them every day!more

Power Packed Sweet Chia Pudding/Dip

Just like many other health nuts I’ve been a sucker for chia seeds for quite some time. It’s an ancient superfood of the Aztecs. The tiny black seeds are packed full of vital nourishment. They have Omega-3, protein (3g per tablespoon), antioxidants, and fiber. And maybe I’m weird, but I enjoy the texture they add to things. It freaks some people out — I get it. But give it a shot, you might fall in love....more

Light Lemon-Dill Rice

This lemon-dill rice makes a quick and easy side for whatever your weeknight has in store. ...more

Quick and Easy Power Kefir Bowl

A breakfast powered up with crunchy sunflower seeds, protein filled kefir,  vitamin c packed blueberries, and the rest. I predict you’ll want to make this.I had some reservations about posting this recipe. I thought you might think it’s too easy and it would not count as an official recipe. I know self doubt will get you nowhere. ...more

Espresso chocolate chip banana bread

An interesting twist on a classic recipe! Made healthy with nutritious ingredients.Find the recipe and other healthy desserts at:

Fresh cherry waffles

Healthy, simple and deliciously fluffy waffles studded with juicy chopped cherries.Find the recipe and other healthy desserts at:

{Raw, Vegan} Kelp Pasta & Marinara

It seems seaweed is one of those foods that you either love or hate. But that's likely because it hasn't yet been prepared in a way that optimizes it's flavors and allows you to benefit from all of the health qualities it offers. ...more

Lamington pancakes

This is a healthy take on an iconic Australian dessert. And the best part is? There's no baking involved and it's perfectly acceptable to have for breakfast!Find this recipe and other healthy desserts at:

DIY All Natural Fruit Snacks

One of my son's favorite treats is fruit snacks.  That can probably be said about many kids nowadays.  I didn't want to take the delicious gummies away, but I was uncomfortable with the amount of sugar and nonsense there was in the ingredients.  So, we made our own!...more
In Good Flavor Oh, yay!  We really love them.  It just feels so much better knowing that whoever ...more

The truth about being "Healthy"

Healthy. Now that’s a controversial word isn’t it?I hesitated to even write it. There’s such a stigma around it, especially for those of us that do not match the typical magazine definition of health.Our heart here at Curvy Moi is to help you love yourself just as you are. We are not here pushing the latest and greatest diet tips and tricks. But in loving yourself, it is important to become the best you possible. And that requires a healthy mind, body and soul....more