Greek Salad

I had a burst of summer inspiraton in February. This is my take on a Greek salad we had on a recent road trip along the coast when we stopped at little deli off the highway in Santa Barbara. Loaded with vibrant, colorful veggies and Kalamata olives that have been marinated in a Greek style vinaigrette and topped of with feta cheese. So good!...more

Lemon Basil Hummus

The other week C and I had in (some of) our siblings for dinner, because can you believe it they had actually never met!  We squeezed into our tiny apartment for some good drinks, food, and laughs.  While I like to think that my food was the hit of the party... I think my little niece P stole the show.  She's just so darn cute! ...more

Sweet Spinach! Toast Yourself with Almonds

By: Sunny

Gourmet Gridiron: Healthy, Vegan and Gluten Free Super Bowl Menu and Recipes

The holidays are behind us but an all American tradition is coming up quick, Super Bowl Sunday! No matter if you actually watch the game or are just there for the commercials, the best part (at least for me) is the food!  It’s the centerpiece of the party and a bottomless pit of mindless eating for about 4 hours. So why not make the food awesome and on the healthier side? Vegans or not, check out this year’s menu so whether you’re a sports fan or not, you’ll be looking forward to the food!Game Day Guac...more

honey grilled chicken with vegetables


Miami Twice: Miami Healthy Dining Hot Spots Part 2

I’m super delighted to be able to report back on even more Miami deliciousness! While there are lots of things to do in Miami it is an absolute must to save time to dine on the local fare. It’s super cool at how many places have popped up over the last few years that are not only accommodating to special diets but are also incredibly delicious....more

Miami Nice: Healthy Dining Hot Spots

My hometown of Miami is finally getting on a healthier kick! And I have to say, it was worth the wait! With a plethora of healthy, vegan and even raw places to dine, Miami is definitely becoming a force to be reckoned with in the veg world....more

Hey Society - Get Your Opinions Off My Body

Did you see this article? I saw it late last night and LOVED it. Even posted it to my Facebook page. In the spread, size 12 model Katya Zharkova poses nude next to a “straight size” model to show the differences between them....more

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

A few months ago I bought a box of organic quinoa at Trader Joe's, but never did anything with it -- until last night. I guess I was a little intimidated by it, but I'm not sure why because it was so simple to make and really soaked in the flavor of the other ingredients in these vegan and gluten-free stuffed peppers. I like my stuffed peppers a little bit firmer, but if you prefer them softer, just bake them in the oven longer. I also stuffed only 3 peppers, because they were extra large, but this recipe really makes enough for 4-5 regular sized peppers. ...more

Healthy and Tasty Broccoli Soup

Wednesday January 11, 2011 Last year at this time we had snow in the Southern states and I prepared a pot of my homemade broccoli soup. No snow today but it has been raining all day, it is chilly and damp outside, a perfect time to whip up a batch of home made soup! ...more So sweet Robin. You are always welcome!more