Cherry Cocoa Green Smoothie

Good morning Monday! I love this combination. Now if I would have frozen everything ahead of time it would have been pretty much a chocolate frosty. This was delicious.Two of my three taste testers really enjoyed it. As far as the third taste tester it’s always hit or miss when it comes to green food. Serves 2-4Ingredients...more

Potato Wedges (Wedgies!)

I haven’t had a French fry since February 2006.  I have totally sworn off deep fried food.  These “wedgies” are my answer to a low fat healthy French fry without the guilt of the take out window. ...more

Asian Style Eggplant with Garlic Sauce


Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll - Almost Guilt-Free

I look forward to this pumpkin roll every Holiday.  Truth be told, my mother makes it.  It's her recipe and one of the dishes we all LOVE!  She calls it a pumpkin roll, Dad calls it a pumpkin log, I call it one of my favorites!!!...more

Pumpkin Almond Milk Smoothie

 I love this combination for a breakfast smoothie.  It was very filling and oh so tasty. I’m jumping on the band wagon. Yes I am. Pumpkin recipes are everywhere.My taste testers said this smoothie was the best yet. When I tasted it, all I could think of was a pumpkin shake. ...more
lol Virginia Sanders I like it, snark away! ;-) - Denisemore

Easy Vegan Lentil Soup

It’s finally time for soup. I love soup. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll say, “Theresa loves soup’. My sister does too. There is something so nice about a bowl of food that fills you up and makes you feel warm inside. ...more

Japanese Drinking Vinegar

What is Japanese Drinking Vinegar? All-natural, sparkling beverage made from coconut vinegar & fresh Japanese ingredients. Refreshing, tart, sweet & tasty!How Healthy, You Ask?Wan to learn more? Check out our Kickstarter project!

Edamame, Quinoa & Feta Cheese Salad

Edamame, Quinoa, and Feta Cheese Salad  ...more

TaylorMade Roasted Vegetable Spread, Dip, Sauce or base for any dish

I love getting my kids to eat vegetables without knowing it.  I use this roasted vegetable base for soooo many of my dishes.  My kids LOVE this roasted veggie sauce poured over pasta and have NO idea they are eating pureed roasted vegetables.   I have used it in hummus, a base for soups, for sandwiches, dips and so much more....more