Bahamian Conch Skillet

BAHAMIAN CONCH SKILLET This particular dish, which my husband takes great pride in preparing, was actually introduced to us many years ago by a Bahamian man named “Zonch”.  As in “Zonch’s Conch Shack”.  We travel a great deal and the Caribbean is a favorite destination.  We have relatives and friends on Freeport, Grand Bahama and that has always been a favorite place....more

Korean Sweet Potato Fries and Madras Lentils Lettuce Wraps

That’s a mouthfulOK, so I go through phases where I just don’t want meat on my plate. I’m not a vegetarian. I truly don’t want to eat meat everyday. This past weekend we had a barbecue and there was a lot of meat served. So on Sunday I made my declaration that the week would be filled with vegetarian meals. I kept good on that promise as evidenced below. ...more

Healthy ice-creams for your little ones. Easy homemade recipes for this summer.

Healthy Ice-creams!!!. You read it right. This summer indulge in a variety of homemade popsicles read ice-creams that you and your child can savour sitting at home.Have you been trying to get your kids to eat healthy food or griping over their indulgences in popsicles or ice-creams? Then take it easy and get them to do both with FRUIT ICE-CREAMS....more

Jicama Fries

Taco Salad for Taco Tuesday

I am


 RATATOUILLEFish and Vegetarian ...more

Mango Lassi

Sesame Zucchini Noodle Salad

Yields:  about 4 cups             Prep Time:  15 minutes       Total Time:  15 minutes ...more


Many of the dishes I have posted thus far on my lovely little blog have not exactly been light and healthy. I've noticed this, you've noticed this, my waistline has definitely noticed this. My intent has been to share some of our favorite recipes with all of you wonderful people and that generally leads to me sharing comfort food (yum!). Unfortunately for our waistlines, and fortunately for our stomachs, Blythe and I need to eat all of the food I make for the blog... my tight pants have now convinced me that it's time to enter into a phase of light summer cooking! So for the next few months my recipes will be focusing on healthier summer dishes from around the world and I could not be more excited! As much as we love comfort food, Blythe and I really eat dishes like this more often and I can't wait to share some of our favorites with you!...more


Sprouted Ribbon Salad. Perfect for summer lunches/dinners. Try it and share it with your loved ones. Recipe in link below : your love :D...more