Spaghetti Squash Pasta with Pesto

Let's Make Healthy the New Skinny


15 Fun, Healthy and Sexy Things to Do Between Christmas and New Year's Day

The week between Christmas and New Year's Day always seems a bit strange, doesn't it?  It's not a regular week, but it's not exactly a vacation week either.  The kids are out of school, many parents are off work, and normal routines are nowhere to be found.  In addition, the excitement of Christmas is over, which can lead to everyone feeling a bit "down."...more

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts...more

11 Ways to Break Out of Your Winter Workout Rut

Let's face it, when the weather drops and the holiday season ramps up, our motivation to workout is often the first thing to slip out the door for a vacation. Working out can feel like just another thing to cram into your ever-growing list of to-dos. The cold, snowy weather and shorter days don't help either. And frankly, if you have extra time, you'd rather cuddle up under a blanket and binge watch Netflix. ...more
AuaAustin Thanks so much! Buddying up definitely helps get me out the door. So much harder to ...more

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Healthy Lunch box Hacks : Puff Pastry Pea Rolls edition

Almost three years into mothering my sweet little boy, I've had to bend a lot of the principles I had in my mind before entering parenthood. There are others though, that with the cooperation of my little gourmand, I never had any trouble to instill - and those all have to do with food.One of them was that I absolutely wanted him to consider vegetables as an essential part of the meal. Not something I would have to push. Not something we would have to fight over. One condition: taste everything. Even just by licking....more

Warm Winter Quinoa Blend

Detox orange spiced-up soup

Detox orange spiced-up soup came from a self medication experiment.I just came back from an amazing weekend in Mallorca. I had a great time there partying and enjoying the Spanish sun....more