My thoughts on the Avocado Smoothie Hype

I have a secret – I’ve been binge watching “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” almost nonstop lately.  Sorry not sorry.  I just keep getting sucked into the marathons, one episode after another!  Anyway.I noticed that Kourtney is veryyy into eating healthy and organic now.  As someone who is always tiptoeing the line of eating bad vs. healthy, I was interested to see how she ate, and maybe get some pointers?  Cause she looks awesome?...more

4 Ways to Pamper Yourself (And Why You Should)

Today I want to talk about some ways to pamper yourself. But more importantly, I want to talk about why you should pamper yourself. It's a topic that many of us probably ignore way too often. How often do you take an entire day for just you?...more
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Whole30 Meal Template

When talking to others on the Whole30 Journey, I hear the advice all the time that if we just eat compliant items, we will be fine. While only eating foods that are compliant is DEFINITELY a start, it's not the point of the Whole30. The idea is to totally nourish your body through the food you put in it; and to do that, we have to be feeding it full of nutrients and vitamins at every meal....more

Yellow Lentil Soup

Moong Dal Soup is a healthy, oil-free, and nutritious comfort food that can be prepared in less than 25 minutes. This is vegan and gluten free and will be loved by people of all age group.Moong dal is rich in protein, iron and loaded with vitamins. It is also low in calorie and when consumed it keeps you full longer, and therefore can be useful for those who want to lose weight....more

How to Make Your Own Cough Syrup

This homemade, all-natural cough syrup can be made from your kitchen pharmacy. This simply combination of ingredients will help you feel better. ...more
My Dad put pepper in whiskey if he thought he was coming down with something..they had Rock and ...more

A Much “Kneeded” Post

I know this blog is supposed to be about my rescued dogs and my chronic illness, but it seems like every week it gets more and more about my dogs. I guess you all can guess who runs our house. (Hint: It’s not me or Adam.)Status Update & SoccerMy knees have been doing really well. I joined a soccer team two weeks ago and I’m so happy about it. Although, I can’t remember ever using so many muscles in soccer. Two days after my first game, my abs, arms, legs, and arms all hurt in muscles I didn’t even remember I had....more

Thai Style Quinoa Soup

Thai Style Quinoa Soup is a spicy, healthy and oil-free soup that is flavorful and a perfect companion on a winter afternoon. As most of you may already know, thai cuisine is one of my families favorite and have featured several thai recipes on this blog....more