Holiday Attractions for Families

The holidays are here and the kids are out of school. What to do to keep the whole family entertained as well as keeping holiday spirits high? I've compiled a list of my favorite holiday theme parks and attractions around the country that kids of all ages, including adults, will enjoy! Plus, I've added in recommendations on where to grab a healthy bite for all sorts of special diet diners ; )...more

Vegan spelt chocolate chip pumpkin muffins! A tasty breakfast! :)

Vegan spelt pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!This afternoon, I made these delicious easy to make vegan whole grain spelt pumpkin chocolate chips muffins !!! Yeah! That is right! That is a mouthful, hey? I made them not so sweet so you can eat them as a lovely portable breakfast, a healthy snack or a nice dessert! Check them out! ;)...more

Quick Awesome Teff (Gluten Free) Breakfast or Healthy Snack Muffins

This is a great super easy and quick recipe for gluten free muffins using Teff flour (which I love as it's super filling and has lots of protein).I love love love muffins because I'm lazy and am not a natural born baker (cooking yes but baking no) so muffins are just the perfect gf carb for me since they are already portioned out, they freeze incredibly well, and they are super easy to throw into my bag for a snack or take on the road....more
Hi Steph(lie?) thanks! will check it out. I heart muffins. I'm on a binge right now. Already ...more

Vegetarian beetroot risotto with 2 cheeses!

Every winter, I make this delicious easy to make vegetarian beetroot risotto with 2 cheeses! Which one’s? Read on,…:)When you add the 2 cheeses to the risotto, after cooking, the risotto will turn pink red bubblegum color,,..hey?Recipe: For 4 personsIngredients:...more

Vegan Gluten-free almond pear chocolate chip oatmeal

This morning, I made this warm delectable Seasonal oatmeal. I also used gluten-free oats to make my warm brekkie gluten-free! I created this:Recipe: For 3 personsIngredients:150 gr gluten-free medium-sized oats  ( 1 cup + 1/2 cup )...more

Ricotta dessert topped with Licor43 marinated kaki's!

Kaki is the Dutch word for Persimmon fruit. What are persimmon fruits? ...more

2 weddings... one month- What my dog teaches me

2 weddings... one month- What my dog teaches me Proverbs 12:10The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.Dogs, you have to love them. They want to play, chew, walk, love, chase squirrels... oh my goodness. At times it can be quite annoying, but then, as with everything in life, we have to know that we can always learn a lot from our dogs....more

Sausage and Gouda Stuffed Poblanos with a Spicy Basil Tomato Sauce

Apparently this week I am obsessed with stuffed foods.  And spicy foods.  A couple days ago I posted my recipe for Blue Cheese Stuffed Jalapeño Burgers, and today I’m stuffing some peppers.  Not sure what my deal is.  All I know is that we haven’t eaten this well in AWHILE.  Good, but spicy....more

12 healthy fall appetizers to try this month

One of the busiest months of the year is now well underway, and those holiday get-together invites are already starting to pile up!...more