Guiltless Dark Chocolate Mousse

How to trick your husband into eating tofu= add chocolate. Don't believe me? Try making this dark chocolate mousse. It is super decadent, rich and tastes nothing like tofu. I add dark brewed coffee for extra depth of flavor and bourbon because well...just because....more

Banana Oatmeal with Cocoa Nibs

Amber @ Mama's Blissful Bites: delightful sweet and savory warming breakfast....more

Three-Day Juice Cleanse Recap!

Congratulations to those of you who completed the three-day cleanse! I almost didn’t make it myself. There was a debatable moment when I had to order chamomile tea (and only chamomile tea) at brunch with my cousin, who had a veggie burger and fries, but I powered through....more

Sweet Potato Brownies

 Hello Brownies. Or may I be more specific; hello brownies made without refined sugars, gluten, butter, and artificial ick. Hellooo, indeed....more

Going Green with juice

In this post, I would like to take a daring move to attempt a pure green smoothie. In other words, mainly vege only but...<!--more-->I started with a cup of spinach and a cup of milk. After the first blend, I took a sip and wow was it full of green....taste...I mean it tasted as if I was eating pure grass (not that I had tasted it before, or have I) hehehehhe....more

Healthy & Hearty Chicken Chili

Healthy, comfort food your family will love! Excellent for a bonfire or football game too.  So easy can be cooked in slow cooker all day or just 20-30 minutes on stove top. ...more

Black and White Quinoa with Mushrooms

I spend too much time packing my kid's lunches. Over thinking what to include, making sure there's always a variety throughout the week and that it's healthy, all while playing Tetris with the different sized containers that fit in their lunch boxes. But then for my lunch? I quickly eat the first thing I see in the pantry, usually a granola bar of some sort, and move on to the next task....more

Sausage, Sweet Potato, and Spinach Soup

On my last post, I promised a Whole 30 update once we finished our reintroduction period. I’m late as always in fulfilling the promise, but the update is here nonetheless!So, how did it go?...more

Vegan Banana Breakfast Muffins

No dairy, no nuts, and lots of good for you ingredients. These breakfast muffins will have you looking forward to getting up in the morning. I made these muffins for a dinner party we had last week. I’m pretty sure they went over well. A few of the guests asked if they could take some home for breakfast. That always makes me feel good. Thanks for the ego boost. ...more

4 Delicious Uses For Apple Cider

While my absolute favorite use for fresh sweet cider is to make it into delicious hard cider, there are many other uses for apple cider. Since it is cider season, and Cider Week in the Finger Lakes I thought I would share some of those uses with you today. ...more