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Healthy Lunch box Hacks : Puff Pastry Pea Rolls edition

Almost three years into mothering my sweet little boy, I've had to bend a lot of the principles I had in my mind before entering parenthood. There are others though, that with the cooperation of my little gourmand, I never had any trouble to instill - and those all have to do with food.One of them was that I absolutely wanted him to consider vegetables as an essential part of the meal. Not something I would have to push. Not something we would have to fight over. One condition: taste everything. Even just by licking....more

Warm Winter Quinoa Blend

Detox orange spiced-up soup

Detox orange spiced-up soup came from a self medication experiment.I just came back from an amazing weekend in Mallorca. I had a great time there partying and enjoying the Spanish sun....more

Vegetable Stew

Vegetable Stew is a very healthy, vegan and flavorful dish prepared using coconut milk, mixed vegetables and aromatic spices that is definitely worth a try....more

{Raw} Juice Pulp Pizza Base


Tomatillo Salsa

Oh. My. This tomatillo salsa is so tasty! And it’s incredibly easy to make. Even growing them is stress-free!...more

Kabocha Squash Soup

Virus Killer Green Smoothie

Who knew a green smoothie could be so insanely delicious!?I just invented this to fight the nasty cold that found its way into our lungs and sinuses and is being a total jerk-off....more
Just Beet It, I JUST found out how much picky kids like this smoothie, because my 10 year old is ...more