Farewell to Diet Soda

Trying to change your life can be overwhelming.  We can all imagine a desired change that might improve our life: health, diet, exercise, organization, environment, career, family life, spirituality..and maybe even several of these things....more

3 Healthy Choices to Make Today

We hear it all the time. Eat Healthy, Exercise, Breathe! These things that should come naturally to us, but do not, have been created by the evolution of food choices. And not all of them healthy choices!...more

Will the Holiday Meal Knock You Off-Course?

Heading to an Easter banquet table (or two) this weekend? We’re going to an all-you-can-eat Easter buffet for lunch on Sunday; it will be my first feasting occasion since recently committing to a healthy eating lifestyle (with the ultimate goal of decreasing my cholesterol) and I’m pretty sure that eggs benedict and fried chicken don’t fit in that plan.  I know a lot of people will say that it’s okay to throw goals out the window for one day, but for me, I truly want to eat healthy that day, not out of sacrifice, but simply out of choosing to “eat to live.”...more

How To Stay Fit On Vacation

Staying fit while on vacation can be a daunting task, but with a little determination it CAN be done. You need to go into your vacation with the mind set that you will find a way to work out every day or every other day.  Having a plan will keep you on track and feeling great while you relax and perhaps overindulge. ...more

6 Ways I get to eat what I want

 In case you didn’t know, fit folks are often just as weak as unfit folks. The big difference is that, although we lapse, we don’t really relapse, as in stay lapsed permanently....more

Learning To Love Food: A Fat Girl’s Story

Recently, I was on Facebook when a friend of mine posted one of those popular e-cards going around. It stated something to the effect of “Have you tried eating the “not-shitty food” diet? It really works!” And the reaction I had to it was like an overreaction, because I got angry and felt judged, the way I do when nearly anything about food comes up these days....more

Turning Point Towards Authenticity

What’s it gonna take for you? I have seen so many women (mostly because I only really work with women but I am sure failed behavior change plagues men too) spend their time spinning their wheels, round and round, up and down the same mountain never to explore new heights of personal success.What is real change going to take for YOU?...more

Spend Less Save More… When to Use Cash Day 3

Spend Less Save More… When to Use Cash Day 3If you’re trying to create more healthy eating habits paying with cash will help. More often we hear that when we pay with credit we tend to spend it on unhealthy choices.Apparently we as a society become more impulsive and make unhealthy choices when we use a card rather than cash. Basically when you pay with cash you pay more attention to what you’re purchasing so you may go for that smoothie mix rather than that gallon of ice cream if you use cash.  ...more

Cooking by Color - Not a New Concept

Nutrition is often forgotten and misunderstood...because there are so many yummy things out there just waiting for us to eat them. Like the shy girl at the party who's definitely not wearing the latest fashion, she has very few friends and would probably have more fun making a mud pie than a chocolate souffle. How many people actually start a conversation with her? How many would find value in getting to know her?...more

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