Lament of a Newbie Football Mom

The beginning of September in Texas heralds a brand new season.  I speak not of autumn leaves and sweater-weather, but the clash of helmets and the smell of sweaty boys. I am now officially a Football Mom (is that capitalized?).  I have just finished splinting my first sprained thumb/jammed pinkie combo.  My 13 year old son is now running around the house clicking his injured appendages together like a demented crab....more

Don't Be a Sports Whackadoodle!

I love sports. I love to play sports. I love to watch my kids play sports. I love to coach sports.There is one thing that I don't like about sports: the whackadoodle fan. There seems to be one at every sporting event.It's one thing to go bat shit crazy at the Super Bowl or at the Final Four. Whatevs.It is another bucket of crazy to go ape shit at a CHILD'S sporting event.Dude, what gives?...more
I am a positive about cheering but this weekend something slipped up there was only a minute ...more

Burn Out in Children

Recognizing ‘Burn out’ in your child is very important. It’s easy to see it in adults because being stressed is just apart of adulthood. A child who loves their sport dreams about it, worries about it, get’s upset about it, works at it and lives it. Not to different from what we adults do everyday. So lets think about what we do when we are stressed out: Our eating habits and sleep patterns change, our emotions become unpredictable, our pain response never fits the injury, and nothing makes us happy. This is your child suffering ‘Burn out’....more

Are Youth Sports Making Kids Healthier or Teaching Bad Habits?

 As I walked through the baseball park where my 7 year old plays Little League, I stopped in my tracks when I saw a little girl, probably age 6, with an Icee and French fries.  This might not have seemed so “out of the ordinary”, but it was 9 AM.  9 AM!  Wow! This was breakfast!  I am sure there might have been a good answer, but I would have loved to know WHY this child was eating THESE foods at 9 AM! ...more
@BlogHerSports Scary stuff at the concession stands! It really does seem like they could have a ...more