What is "normal"?

Mekayla Diehl, who didn't win Miss USA, is trending her "normal" butt off. She's being praised for walking out on stage in a bikini, despite not being as thin as the other contestants. There are so many things weird and a little bit wrong about this. First, I can't believe Miss USA is still on the air. These women are all beautiful, articulate, and well groomed to be in a beauty pageant, or become a trophy wife. Not to say Miss USA contestants don't go on to do wonderful things post pageant, but what you look like in a bikini is relevant...never, in real life....more
Denise I know. ;)more

The Lighter Side of Postpartum Weight Loss

I’m a mommy to three amazing children.  I’ve been extremely fortunate that aside from a few small bumps in the road, my journey through mommyhood has been easy.  My children have always been healthy (our only emergency being an Easter morning seizure and subsequent 3 day hospital visit).  My pregnancies were uncomplicated aside from pneumonia early in the first and placenta previa in the third.  Though m...more

Screw Skinny

skinny [ˈskɪnɪ]...more

Scare Me Skinny

How often has your doctor told you, "You're the picture of health," and it wasn't what you wanted to hear? I'm a 32-year-old mother of two who looks as though she could be carrying number three....more

I think it's great that the doctor found you to be healthy and vibrant. Weight loss is tough ...more

January Diet? Nope, I Bought Bigger Clothes

On Monday at work, in a sassy new dress, a colleague asked “Have you lost weight?” Nope. My clothes fit. What a concept. ...more

...to each and every one of you for the comments. It feels good to know that I am not alone in ...more

How To Lose Weight With Love: An MD’s Thoughts On Owning Your Health

"Expressions of Self Love," artwork by Rita Loyd (c) 2005...more