Hearing Loss – Know The Facts

Hearing loss affects nearly 50 million Americans. This includes 1 in 5 teenagers and 60% of returning veterans from foreign wars. It is a pervasive problem, but one that is not always taken very seriously. Hearing loss is often viewed as a normal part of aging, or someone else’s problem — this person mumbles or that restaurant has gotten too loud. Often, it is ignored for years due to stigma or denial, or just plain refusal to acknowledge a problem....more

Six Hearing Aids, Two Cochlear Implants and A Roger Pen Walked Into A Bar

Dining out at a restaurant can be problematic these days. Noise levels have grown, tables are stacked closer and closer together, and glass and hardwood are all the rage for decor, leaving even less cushioning or carpet behind for sound absorption. Layer hearing loss on top of all this, and dining out can be quite a challenge....more

Interesting Reads — Living Better With Hearing Loss By Katherine Bouton

From time to time, I like to read books about hearing loss. It is important to stay up to date on current information and trends, and also interesting to see others’ perspectives on hearing loss or tinnitus. When I find a good one, I hope to share it with my readers. Katherine Bouton’s Living Better With Hearing Loss is one such book....more

A Head Cold + Hearing Loss = A Perfect Storm

Everyone hates a head cold. The watery eyes, runny nose, and stuffed up feeling are awful. Your ears and throat burn and you barely have the energy to hold up your own head, because it feels like it weighs two tons. And then there is the hearing loss. When I have a head cold, my hearing almost always takes a temporary turn for the worse. While I think this happens for everyone, when you start with less than stellar hearing to begin with, it can be a big issue....more

Six Steps Those With Hearing Loss Can Take to Communicate Better

Those of us with hearing loss must sometimes rely on those with normal hearing to help us have better conversations and more successful interactions with the hearing world. See my post on this topic here. But we must also take responsibility for stacking the deck in our own favor....more

My Head Is Ringing Off The Hook!

Do your hearing aids help with your tinnitus? I am lucky to say that mine do. I know this is not the case for everyone. But I hadn’t realized how important this was to me until recently, when I had to go two days without my left hearing aid. The dizziness and lopsided feeling were bad enough, but the ringing in my ear was awful, and constant, and exhausting....more

Captions At The Movies? - Bring Them On!

I haven’t enjoyed going to the movies for a while. I find the background soundtrack (the music or special effects) so loud it is painful, and the dialogue difficult to follow. I had gotten into the habit of waiting for a movie to be released on DVD or Netflix and watching it in the comfort of my own home, with the captions on and the volume set at a comfortable level. BUT I recently discovered captions at the movies! They are not available in all theaters or on all screens at theaters that offer captions, but I hope this becomes a new trend....more

Why We Should Teach Hearing Health In Elementary Schools

A few years ago I visited my son’s 1st grade classroom as part of Family Time. This was a monthly event where different children’s parents would visit the classroom to share something special about their family. Many parents chose to share a special holiday celebration, or something about their country of origin. But I decided to talk about hearing loss — my hearing loss — and hearing loss prevention....more

Please Don't Tell Me Never Mind

It happens sometimes. A friend or colleague is telling me a funny story or explaining an event that happened, and at some point I will ask “What did you say?” I got the beginning, but somewhere along the way I missed something and needed clarification of the last point. The speaker pauses, as if to think about the question, and replies “Never mind.” Usually, this is accompanied by a dismissive wave of the hand or shake of the head or both. I hate that, don’t you?...more

Dear Daughter - A Hearing Loss Poem

What do you do when one of the people who is most important to you is also one of the people who is hardest for you to hear? You get frustrated, you cry, you fight, but you don’t give up. You keep working at it because it is so important. Maybe you express your sadness and desire for good communication in a poem. I hope you can feel the love I have for my daughter in every word....more