The Heart - A symbol of LOVE

The Heart Wants What The Heart WantsPosted on February 6, 2014 ...more

Wall of Fire Around My Heart

I am a worshipper by ‘heart’.Does that make me emotional?  I guess it does, although I prefer the term “passionate”.  And quite frankly, I have to say that for too long, ‘emotions’ have gotten a ‘bad name’.  Women are judged to be inconsistent and have even been disqualified from leadership (inside and outside of the church), executive decisions and so many other forums because they are deemed to be ‘emotional creatures’....more

Thoughts for the Day

Thursday Thought of the Day ~ Heart, Opportunity, Reason Listen to the whispers of your...more
Love these... have never seen the first quote. Good stuff!more

Exercise and Healthy Weight= Heart Health!

February is Go Red/National Heart Month--and if women can only do one thing to protect their hearts it's to exercise, says Cardiologist Nieca Goldberg, MD, Medical Director of the Women's Heart Center at New York University Medical Center in New York City. "Exercise helps to lower blood pressure, blood sugar and weight and it raises levels of good or HDl cholesterol," she said....more

What does my Blood Pressure mean?

People are getting their blood pressure checked before every appointment they have with HCPs, but I feel like many times people are told what their pressure is, then they are reassured that “it’s good” or “we need to watch that”…and’s that’s it!  It seems to be a big question to many people of what their blood pressure should be and what the numbers actually mean? It’s a shame that more Healthcare Practitioners (HCP’s) don’t explain it to you, but increasing your own blood pressure (bp) IQ is a great place to start to improve your wellness!...more

Belly fat may be worse for your health than obesity?

I guess it is one more reason to get into shape: there has been recent research to support that those of us with belly fat but a “normal” weight are at a higher risk for cardiovascular death than those that are obese. Good gravy.  Another thing to be worried about, but I guess it goes back to the whole “fat” skinny thing.  You can be within your appropriate weight but if you don’t work out and tend to have a lot of belly fat, this might be the inspiration you need to improve your diet and tighten that tummy!...more